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I Like This Idea

In the Sunday Sun-Sentinel a resident from Fort Lauderdale puts forth an idea in letters to the Editor, that might be something for LBTS to think about.

This gentleman was addressing a problem in Fort Lauderdale due to lack of employees available to do the paperwork necessary to keep up with the required work needed to handle grants for federal funds for housing.

He offers a solution of utilizing retirees as independent contractors and employ them part time.


LBTS might try something like this….for I hear we are about to lose another town employee, and some we have now are not up to the standards we see with our Town Manager!

We have many retirees within this town with expertise that surpasses those that might not be answering our ads for positions.

My hope is now that the commission will be in order everything will emanate out from them.

People will want to get involved, on the boards and perhaps even in town hall as stated above, in positions to help, which will also be cost effective.

Volunteers or part-time contractors could also be at the forefront of finding grants for our town.

What would not be needed though…. an outgoing mayor as a “free” lobbyist!

So how about thinking outside the box……it might be worth a try!

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