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I Just Don’t Understand

I just don’t understand how schmoozing and business go hand in hand when it comes to businesses that produce or provide what every one of us needs to live our lives from day to day.

From advertising for FPL to meetings, parties and get-aways for water management board members and garbage providers…..what is up with this?

Lead story in the Sun-Sentinel……

Water Management …South Florida Water Management that is, our district board members… large…. at the Ritz, Disney Key Largo….invoices for expenses records show!

This is for what?

These board members are appointed by the Governor and are unpaid…. really? Volunteers with benefits!

New rules will be put into place….about time!

How about another one…

last year many representatives from commissions around the state went to Orlando…(we had 3 commissioners attend)…and so the story goes….the setting was a posh hotel …with a posher party….pulling out all the stops…the party host, that put on this 500 thousand dollar (price was thrown around by those that attended) shindig …..Waste Management….the garbage provider to most who attended!

Yes, the same Waste Management that caused such an uproar from our town folks who saw unfair increases, to their homes and businesses as far as they were concerned!

So an interesting scenario…they raised the price of their services to the town’s residents…yet blew the big bucks on wining and dining their elected officials!

I like it…not!

And FPL and other utilities….do you really need to advertise? Do we have a choice in using your service? Cut the ad department…and cut the cost to those of us who pay the bills!


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