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I Agree With Fred Grimm

In today’s Miami Herald, columnist Fred Grimm has written an article about the swearing in of new Hollywood Mayor Bober.

He used a comparison that I often used myself when describing the previous commission and those behind the losing incumbents during this fast pace, abbreviated campaign.

The Wizard of Oz…..who was behind the curtain

Let’s see… in the past I have thought, with good reason the following took turns…

Former Sheriff Ken Jenne, for it said that it was he who was calling the shots from the parking lot via his spokesman in the hall when dealing with the VFD.

The South Beach Civic Assoc., for they were the group that promoted and spoke for the annexation agreement, which appears to be not worth the paper it was printed on…if indeed you could find the required paperwork that was intentionally ignored by the former manager and those who did not write the required yearly reports.

The (former?) editors of the Future paper, who presented fear-mongering, distorted pictures of sitting commissioners, put out stories and photos they had to know were not honest,ordered those on the dais to remove board members from positions, and were truly the ones who divided this town.

The Old Guard, and all the correct connotations that label provokes…..

Just as Grimm asserts in his wonderful column today…they may not be wearing the ruby slippers…..(although I will have to check for sure with Commissioner-elect Clottey,) but these newly elected commissioners have made sure the Wizard(s) will be not be behind the curtain as we look forward to the change we are guaranteed of with the LBTS official swearing next week!



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