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Here’s The Scoop … The League of Women Voters Feb 16, 2010 LBTS Meet The Candidates Night … Fear-mongering Question and Answer …


Dear Readers…How sad it was that the Broward League of Women Voters chose to add to the fear-mongering Furth-campaign of Candidates Silverstone, Evans and Couriel…It came when the moderator Carol Smith presented Candidates from District 1 Scot Sasser and Marjorie Evans question number 3…Below is an e-mail this writer sent to Ms. Smith upon arriving home…I was very upset and disturbed that the question was asked without any prior investigation …In my opinion, Ms.Smith has given the Town of LBTS a black eye in the first Meet the Candidates Night meeting with introducing it and Candidate Marjorie Evans has shown that she will perpetuate a falsehood and run on fear-mongering to win a seat on the dais…. She was not alone in her plan, her fellow running-mates District 2 Candidate Comm. Jim Silverstone and Mayoral Candidate Joe Couriel also took time in their allotted 30 minutes on the dais to further assert fear of attacks and bullying and false statements…

I have asked for Ms. Smith to do now what she should have done prior to last night’s event and  look at what really transpired on Feb.9, 2010 ( … When and if I receive a reply I will post it…

The E-mail (w/out full BCbythesea post sent)


Re: Questions for LBTS Meet The Candidate Nights
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 1:11 AM
“Barbara Cole”
“Carol Smith”
Dear Ms. Smith,
While I appreciate that the Broward League of Women Voters came to LBTS last night to assist with our Meet The Candidates, I must voice my great displeasure at the third question you presented to candidates Scot Sasser and Marjorie Evans.
The question you asked was based on erroneous information and aided in the fear-mongering campaign being run by the campaign managers for Candidates Silverstone, Evans and Couriel.
The question you asked was this-
“This is a question on decorum on the dais. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the Unite States Constitution and by many State Constitutions etc.considering our protection on freedom of speech.
However, being educated enough to know when racism is being brought into Town meetings, how do you view the issue of recent public comments made in Town meetings such as Banana Republic. get out of this country, get back in your boat, go, I’m reading this, go find your paddles, go back to your Dictator. As a member of the Town council will you continue to allow this type of speech as freedom of speech or do you think it should be considered proper.”
Unfortunately Ms. Smith, you did not check out the validity of the question before asking it from the dais.
It was factually incorrect. The situation did not take place as you described and yet by your posing it, you further added to the propaganda being used to win an election by one side that cannot win on their record.
It was further troubling that Candidate Marjorie Evans who was in attendance on Feb. 9, 2010 chose to answer and further add fuel to the fire.
Ms. Evans answer last night-
“I believe the problem is not only on the dais. I believe it’s in both places. Unfortunately, Americans and it’s really sad that it has filtered down to this Town that freedom involves responsibility, responsibility involves listening to other people. When you shut off comment ah, public comment with words like “The Cuban” which was just used the other night um, what you’re doing is slandering those people and if you read your history that is the seed of totalitarianism. When people under the guise of freedom of speech say things about other people and intimidate people from appearing in a town meeting. My, the people that I’ve met on the streets, half of them won’t even come here because they’re afraid to come to this meeting. I was actually strong-armed myself once.”
This statement made by Candidate Evans is not supported by the video of the meeting on Feb.9, 2010 . I am providing you with a link to the Town website video (you will find this exchange under Public Comments) as well as a post I wrote containing the verbatim exchanges that took place that evening.
You will see for yourself that the Town Manager took a public comment out of context and the Vice Mayor who chose to assist in riling up the audience.
The Candidates opposing Candidates Evans, Siverstone and Couriel have also been going throughout the Town and have found that people in this town are not coming to the meetings because they feel their voices are not being heard by the current majority.
The hall was full last night, overwhelmingly it was citizens looking to change that. It was apparent from the sea of Sasser, Minnet and Vincent T-Shirts worn.
I hope to hear from you after you have looked at the incident and ask that you address this at the Feb 25, 2010 Meet The Candidates Night, to clear up the black eye this question has given our Town.
Thank you, Barbara Cole
From my website
“Dear Readers …Shades of the old CIC when this writer was front and center …a full participant in a purposeful agitation to defer and deter the voters from the business at hand and the facts… Silverstone-McIntee- Furth- style!…
You all remember this…
Last night we were a close second with the instigation coming from Town Manager Esther Colon…Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee and Commissioner Jim Silverstone!… As you read this full account…the first such account of perhaps the worst commission meeting we have seen in the last 2 years…ask yourselves…are you willing to assist with your vote to retain them or will you make it known that enough is enough and it is time for Commissioner Jim Silverstone-Vice Mayor McIntee- Town Manager Esther Colon- Marc + Cristie Furth to go!…


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