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Here’s The Scoop….Words From The Past…”High Hopes”…

Dear Readers……This was written right “out of the gate” after the Jan. 2008 LBTS election…by a “concerned citizen” who had “high hopes” for the new majority……Too bad it was not to be…


The “old guard” of Chuck Clark and John Yanni received a cumulative total of 45% of the votes and were defeated by “new guard” candidates Birute Clottey and Stuart Dodd with 55%, a significant victory, but, by no means, overwhelming.  Their ideological running mate, Roseann Minnet, won a narrow victory.

Let’s not forget that the approximate 3560 votes (47%) cast for the losing candidates, nevertheless, have a right to be represented by the new Commission, even though the “new guard” have a theoretical 4 to 1 majority.

It is my hope that the new Commission will act in the best interests of all citizens of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, compromise whenever possible to consider the collective views of everyone, and treat each other with dignity and respect.  When we talk about the “will of the people”, we must consider all of the people.

Congratulations to the Roseann, Birute, and Stuart, and thanks to Chuck and John for serving.


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