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Here’s The Scoop…Words From The Past……April 24,2007….


April 24,2007….

Here’s the lead up…Town Manager Bob Baldwin was away …”helping out Lake Worth” …as his contract allowed him to do…and Finance Director /Acting Town Manager Esther Colon was doing the job…and being “courted” big time by many to replace him….a process that “ratcheted” up with whispers swirling around that the “Old Guard” had someone in mind from the north end…and was busy playing with the required qualifications to be the Town Manager to help this person slide into the position….

On the agenda this night Discussion and/or action regarding how to proceed further on the issue of Town Manager Baldwin’s resignation (Mayor Parker -tabled from 4/10/07)

‘Mayor Parker stated that Baldwin knows that the Commission has accepted his resignation in 90 days and Mr. Baldwin indicated he did not intend to withdraw the resignation. Mayor Parker indicated that he doesn’t think they should wait 90 days hoping Mr. Baldwin will change his mind. He further stated that the Town needed to take some steps to figure out what its going to do.’

‘Commissioner McIntee motioned to have Esther Colon be appointed Town Manager and request the car be returned immediately. He stated that Town workers have a right to know who their boss is.’

‘ Discussion followed regarding keeping Acting Town Manager Colon until they could ( have a ) workshop and work towards hiring a permanent Town Manager.’

‘Commissioner Clark asked if Acting Town Manager Colon was agreeable to this.’

BC- the word at the up to this time was…Ms Colon wanted to retire soon and was not interested in the Manager position… much for rumors….

‘ Acting Town Manager Colon stated she was tired of playing second fiddle to everyone. She said either she’s the Town Manager or she’s going back to Finance.’

BC- Guess we got a “little preview” of the new Manager’s style…with this opening salvo…

‘Mayor Parker asked if Acting Manager Colon was willing to take the job permanently.’

‘Acting Town Manager Colon stated that she was willing to take the position with the same contract that Robert Baldwin had with the exception that she will not work on a day to day basis.’

BC- What was Baldwin’s contract?…The exception  she referenced about “day to day”?…No follow- up…What were we all (not) thinking?….

‘ Mayor Parker moved, seconded by Commissioner Clark, to appoint Esther Colon as Town Manager with the same contract as Robert Baldwin with the one exception.’

‘ Vice Mayor Yanni asked if the Town would need a new Finance Director.’

‘ Acting Town Manager Colon stated that for 11 weeks she has been doing five jobs, and the only thing she is asking of the Commission is that they hire professional people in Town.She said it may take longer, but she’s rather have a decent staff that can work together towards.’

BC- So what happened?…Why has the Town Manager not followed her own declaration…. made at this meeting and placed ads in the proper publications for the professionals she asked the Commission for?…She has continued to do the five jobs…and elevated personnel unable to head the departments…(previously posted)…

‘Commissioner McIntee asked to withdraw his previous for acting, and wanted to amend it to permanent Town Manager.’

‘ Mayor Parker stated he already made the motion.’

‘ Commissioner McIntee stated that his own motion was before Mayor Parker’s.’

‘ Attorney Cherof indicated that there is no such position as permanent Town Manager, only Town Manager.’

Maayor Parker asked Attorney Cherof whose motion counted.’

‘ Attorney Cherof indicated that the Chair decides what came first or second.’

‘Discussion followed.’

‘ Everyone withdrew their motion.’

‘ Commissioner Silverstone motioned, seconded by Vice Mayor Yanni, to appoint Esther Colon as Town Manager starting immediately.’

‘Commissioner McIntee directed the Town Attorney to send a letter to Mr. Baldwin asking him to return the car.’

‘ Vice Mayor Yanni stated Esther Colon should get the car.’

The motion passed 5-0′

Discussion followed regarding Robert Baldwin’s resignation.’

‘ Commissioner Clark motioned, seconded by the Vice Mayor to accept Robert Baldwin’s resignation.’

The motion passed 5-0′

BC-Did it really happen this way?…The Commission voted to hire Esther Colon before they voted to accept Robert Baldwin’s resignation? I was in the hall…admittedly  I was caught up in “drinking the Mc- kool-aid”…thinking this was a great moment……This was only the beginning ..of the change to come…an upfront honest Town Manager who would bring transparency…Hire top notch personnel …..and after that……we would elect a new majority on the dais…..working together with a return of a new VFD  all beyond reproach…..WOW!…

What do I see now…that I didn’t see that night…April 24,2007….a Commission falling over themselves to install a Finance Director…without fully vetting her credentials…. her ability to be Town Manager for the long term…..and fully knowing what Robert Baldwin’s contract contained before voting 5-0….

In full disclosure…a look at meeting minutes to follow…public comments…will show this writer praising the Manager…thinking she was in process of carrying out what I had high hopes for…but unfortunately it was not to be…and today almost 2 years later…once again I look forward to making a change of Town Manager in the near future…in the correct manner for filling such an important position….

more to come……

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