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Here’s The Scoop…We Did NOT Make The News…


BC- LBTS will shoot fireworks off  plywood on its beachfront at El Prado…permits were issued this week …as the sea turtle nests in that location were relocated further north…It is reported they were moved due to  LBTS not complying with their own  light ordinance….( after hearing the Town Atty. say there is no real recourse for not turning the lights out and the commission making it clear that was enough for them to keep them on)….but the blatant disregard for turtles by the 2009 4th of July Co-Chairs…McIntee and Silverstone and their main man- Coordinator Marc Furth…( the big Coral Reef Capital Improvement Project proponents )…have left many wondering if this is really a  “politically correct” excuse for doing what the FWC said they no longer advise …in moving nests….. Many will recall that Furth & the Co- Chairs were not forthcoming in their assertions that it could not be done off the pier ( saying it cost too much) and were less than honest in their assertions of the FWC stance of compliance and that of the Mayor and Comm. Dodd’s inquiries!…OOPS!….

The article below…makes no mention of LBTS…


FORT LAUDERDALE – The countdown is on to July 4, but federal rules are keeping several cities’ fireworks plans in limbo.

The U.S. Coast Guard and National Marine Fisheries Service are still considering whether to allow cities to launch fireworks from ocean barges.

The government agencies are trying to prevent harm to endangered sea turtles and federally protected corals from fireworks, boats, barges and anchors.

“We’re working on a plan over the weekend and are encouraged we’ll have one to allow the festivities to continue while still protecting the threatened species,” said Lt. Commander Matthew Moorlag, U.S. Coast Guard spokesman. “But cities should still work to identify alternative plans in the event we cannot issue permits after consulting with other government agencies.”
Decisions are pending for Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Delray Beach won a permit but could have it rescinded, and Pompano Beach had canceled its application and then decided to reapply this week.

In November the government designated thousands of miles of ocean floor from Boynton Beach to the Florida Keys as critical habitat for elkhorn and staghorn coral. That status grants various government agencies the right to review use permits for potential harm.

On May 22, Broward County’s Environmental Protection department recommended to the Coast Guard that cities choose inland fireworks locations; formulate plans to prevent spectator boats and barges from dropping anchors; minimize impact upon nesting turtles and make media announcements about threats to wildlife.

“If a permit was issued and there was species damage, the Coast Guard could be found liable for violating the Endangered Species Act,” Moorlag said.

Late Friday he said discussions with the National Marine Fisheries Service were encouraging and that over the weekend solutions will be considered that may include enforcement help from local, state and federal marine patrols to prevent anchoring at reefs.

Pompano Beach’s seaside event was to cost $93,810. As a backup they also negotiated with the Isle Casino to host fireworks. The new venue would cost taxpayers $44,278, and includes a $7,500 kill fee for the barge rental.

“While we’ve identified a second location, the city commission has decided at this late date they would like to host it on the beach,” spokeswoman Sandra King said. “We have a plan to protect the turtles and reef and we’re prepared either way.”

Hollywood spokeswoman Raelin Storey said they don’t have another venue.

“There really are no other alternative sites that can host this type of a show,” Storey said. The city’s marine patrol will pitch in to prevent reef damage. “Obviously, we would like to know as soon as possible what the status is of our applications. There are a lot of people who love our show and are trying to make plans.”

Fort Lauderdale is going forward with preparations, said Angela DiPietro, city spokeswoman for Parks and Recreation that has $80,000 budgeted for the beach celebration. “The city has plans for boat patrols and turtle monitors. We’re hoping we’ll have a spectacular July 4th.”

Delray Beach’s permit is being reviewed, Moorlag said.

“We’re all planned and ready to go,” Assistant City Manager Bob Barcinski said about the city’s 23-year tradition. Their barge does not anchor and a tug keeps it steady at sea. “We don’t have a backup location.”

Their event costs $68,000, with $28,000 paid by sponsors.

“If it doesn’t happen people will be very disappointed,” Barcinski said. “It brings a lot of business to the city.”

He is remaining positive about the situation. “I can understand the concerns and hope at least this year it happens, but we’ll have to see what we get back [from the Coast Guard] and go from there,” Barcinski said.

Boca Raton will host their fireworks from the Florida Atlantic University campus at 777 Glades Road. Boynton Beach’s July 4 bash fires from a barge in the Intracoastal Waterway.

“A tug boat holds it in place, and we do not anchor,” said Kathy Biscuiti, special events director at the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency. “Our fireworks company takes care of permits.”

Moorlag said his branch of the military is doing its best to ensure everyone an enjoyable holiday.

“The Coast Guard absolutely understands that any decision impacts communities and tradition,” Moorlag said. “We all want to see fireworks on the Fourth of July, but we don’t want to see damage to those endangered species.”‘

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