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Here’s The Scoop….We Made The Papers…Election Day…OOPS!…


Excerpt Sentinel….full text link below…

‘Broward County cities should dump high-cost, low-turnout March elections

Michael Mayo | News Columnist
March 10, 2009

There are two ways to look at local elections held today in 11 Broward municipalities:

1) If you can vote, you really should. You get to be part of an exclusive and powerful club, the so-called “super-voters” who realize these elections exist. With turnout usually in the 10 percent range and victory margins sometimes in double-digits, you get to flex a lot of political muscle with a single ballot. And you’ll probably get done quicker than it takes to get a burger and fries at a drive-through.

2) In a perfect world, nobody would vote today. That’s because all local elections should be moved to November, a trend that’s GAINING momentum in Broward.

All elections on Election Day — what a concept!


‘Other cities, like Sunrise and Dania Beach, hold elections today but are scheduled to switch to November. Sunrise changes in 2010, Dania Beach is drafting an ordinance to switch in 2014. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea changes in 2012 after holding a March election next year.’

On May 27,2008…with a 5-0 vote the new LBTS Commission passed Ordinance 2008-12…ensuring  March municipal elections  to continue on in LBTS with the repeal of Ordinance 2007-03!

BC- This writer left a message for Mr. Mayo…informing him we will not be joining the other towns in 2012!…Unless we repeal 2008-12…anytime in the future….

more to come……..,0,4019788.column

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