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Here’s The Scoop….We Have Liftoff….


BC- e-mailed from the Scenic Highway teleconferencing meeting…(previous post…sister  site/comm. meeting)….

‘Great News!! At their meeting yesterday, the State’s Scenic Highway Advisory Committee determined to recommend that FDOT designate the State Road A1A corridor in Broward County as a State Scenic Highway.  Attached is a photo of attendees at the teleconference on yesterday (Courtesy of Kevin Walford).

TranSystems, the consultant for the Florida Scenic Highways Program is updating the  Scenic Highways Video and wishes to incorporate our coastal A1A corridor into the video. The videographer/photographer will be coming down to take shots of the Broward County A1A corridor.  We need to submit the top 3 to 5 intrinsic resources  (State Parks, historical houses, Lighthouses, etc.) on the A1A corridor.  If you would like to submit one intrinsic resource from your city/town, please do so ASAP but no later than noon tomorrow.

We will be contacted a day or two before they come to our corridor. Also, please coordinate with the facilities where shots are to be taken and alert them that the videographer/photographer is coming.  At this time, we do not know the date/time that they are coming (depends on the weather).

Please keep in mind that only 3 to 5 locations will be selected throughout the corridor.  If we don’t receive any responses by noon tomorrow, MPO staff along with John Rude will determine the locations.’

BC- Congrats to all those who have worked so hard…..From the time we all sat in Jarvis Hall (previous post)  those who volunteered their time …went through the process…and are now enjoying their success……Location…Location…Location….

more to come….

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