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Here’s The Scoop…VFD..November Meeting Minutes And More…Video at the end…


BCbythesea….(public records request.$2)..information…priceless…

Pledge of Allegiance 7:05 pm

Minutes of the previous meeting, quorum-Motion to accept-passed

Sick/Disabled members; Alex Ferrer, Robert Field, & Thomas Carr

Officer Reports:

Lieut. Patterson- nothing to report, lots of improvement

Lieut. Angeles- pay attention to radio,learn the proper protocol. Use E12 “standing by”

Capt. Louvaris- attack channel, listen to radio. New Associate members need further officer training when getting into the front side of the truck. Saturday night witnessed the utility truck being backed-up with lights on, no reason to have lights on unless responding to call.

Senior Training Off. McIntee- 3 things 1) stop getting out of the truck w/o pack. Must have pack on 2) too much freelancing- cannot leave or split your crew, must stay with crew/ partner until you’ve gotten permission from the chief. And 3) need a 3rd truck, E12 having transmission problem. Consider purchasing another truck. Chief Perkins, added the free lancing on the radio has to stop.

BCbythesea…it seems that there will be another firetruck purchased for the VFD in the new year…who will be doing the purchasing…the VFD or the Town…which is the preferred choice of the Town Manager…YIKES!…

The radio protocol, the truck procedures and the freelancing…seem to be the prevalent concern of the senior members….

Capt. McGirr- crew needs to stay on the the truck, Chief Perkins, we had a month, everyone should know the protocols by now, everyone is to stay on the truck except the officer, wait for directions.

Deputy Chief Off. Padden- associate members, gear needs to go back to lock-up after their station watch/ drill. Hoods need washed. Wish to discuss elections later under new business.


Chief Perkins-received request from Sun Sentinel; how many of our members have had their medical exams, how many have passed. Ask Padden to consult w/Attorney to see if this violates the HIPPA rights of the firefighters. The incident report for 10/25 Beach rescue was also requested.

BCbythesea…which attorney did the Deputy Chief consult with…VFD or Town Attorney Abbott?…

The question of how many took and passed the medical exams…without specifics seem to fall outside any HIPAA concerns…

The real HIPAA violation…was made on the dais by the Vice Mayor in describing the 12 man VFD assist to a 911 call in the north end of town…

Chief Perkins noted that all new applicants will be responsible for their own medical exams: to be picked-up with the application


Discussion followed regarding call, compensation, drills returning to 4 paid (in-town members only) Unanimous decision not to make any changes until the first of the year.

Chavez’s tech hours, to remain @$10hr/or$15/hr, unanimous, no motion keep status quo.

Safety Off Conn- Christmas Party; returning to the $25 month deduction for 4 months/$100 from each member. Silverstone advised holding off any withdrawal until the first of the year and revisit the issue. Conn, felt some kind of celebration for the good and welfare of all the members was in order. McIntee made a motion to earmark $2500 from the Booster fund for a holiday party, Louvaris 2nd, all yea except Padden & McGirr.

BCbythesea…How much is in that Booster Fund anyhow?….

When was the last time a VFD donation drive took place?….

The past meeting minutes…..the Booster fund being used for newspapers ads…in the Times newspaper…would those who donated approve?…

$25,000 moved from the Booster Fund…into the Operation Fund…in Sept….to be put back after Oct. 1st…was it?….

Now…$2500 to be used for the Christmas Party….

This writer watched the shaking heads of many Booster Fund providers…who were very unhappy with their donated money going to the Chamber…so what do they think of all this?…

McIntee -next town meeting is the 10th, drill night. Encouraged everyone to attend, and voice their opinions regarding the “oversight committee.”

BCbythesea…we knew it was a “set-up” with the “VFD troops” arriving at Jarvis Hall…”2 Hats” indeed….

Silverstone- Constitution clarification- committee for new officer election.

BCbythesea…a call to see what the clarification was…the Secretary could not recall….

McGirr & Padden, J.- new associate members need further direction for station watch.

Padden- Elections 1st meeting in January. Have nominating committee, consist of Deputy Chief, an officer & a member at large to review qualifications. Chief must appoint 2 to committee. Deadline for application is December 20th, need to e-mail.

BCbythesea…hears there are no other applicants for Fire chief except Chief Perkins…maybe …. Deputy Chief Padden should rethink his role…and put in his name before the time runs out….


Recommend Terminate: Jeffrey Barrow,Michael Owen Matthew Smith & Rudolph Smith(passed)

BCbythesea…no Jeffrey Barrow is listed on any Roster or sign up sheet..provided…only a Jeffrey Bowman…the LBTS Director of Development Jeffrey Bowman who was also listed on the Oct. Meeting Minutes for low drill attendance …

Matthew & Rudolph Smith were not listed on the Oct. list provided …but terminated in Nov….

Recomd Warning Ltrs: Alonso, Day Deve, S. Kerkerian, Odzer, Pollock, Prince, Thompson & Weinrub (yes to all except Prince and Weinrub)

BCbythesea….There are 2 members with the Deve last name…which was warned?…

Prince is Don Prince….LBTS Director of Municipal Works…he was given a pass on a warning letter…

Weinrub, also given a pass on a warning letter has not been listed on Roster since the 1st one received in Sept.

Pollock is Jim Pollock, who is also an AMR employed driver…no pass for him….

Is there a double standard on warning letters?….

New-Applicants: (regular in-town) Kalee Bowen & Charlie Clark. Vote in

BCbythesea…These 2 new applicants were already listed on the Oct. sign up sheet Roster…

New Applicants: (associate members) Timothy Ferrante ,Richard Petty,Harry Sessner,Rodney DaSilva, Jacob Portwood, Jamie Waskowiak,Josh McCrainie, Carlos Samour

( it was noted that Farrante was a certified Fl Driver), all voted in.

BCbythesea….all the above applicants were listed on the Oct. Roster…with one exception…new member Josh McCranie who is not listed on the 12/10/08 Roster provided….

McIntee, noted there were 3 more applicants coming from the Plantation fire department, he made a motion that all new applicants coming from Plantation could not apply until they had been out of Plantation for a year;due to the sudden rush of Plantation applicants wanting to quit Plantation and apply here. Passed

BCbythesea…Why are Plantation firefighters leaving to come here?

Why would the Vice Mayor/Training Officer McIntee make this proposal….. to not allow candidates who might already be trained from joining the VFD …thus increasing the level of service?….Competition for authority …perhaps?….

Why did it pass?…

What is going on in Plantation that would precipitate such a ‘sudden rush of applicants wanting to quit Plantation and apply here?’ HMMM…..

Random drug test…XXX & XXX….meeting adjourned 9:15 pm

Also on the Roster…included in the Public Records…this time…

VFD Member #43 …Beau McIntee Training Officer…Regular Member…although he was not voted back required…..after a more than 6 month absence…this should now require his father the Sen. Training Officer/Vice Mayor to recuse himself from VFD votes that might benefit his son…per the Ethics Commission letter previously posted from Sept. 08 to McIntee…….whether the son is a part-time or full-time employee..he is getting compensated….

Also on the Roster…the Executive Assistant/Secretary….is now listed as a Regular Member…Why?…

Another returnee who appears on the new Roster…#599 Sean Howard…who was a previous associate member 2 years ago…and should require a vote to return to active status…

more to come….



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