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Here’s The Scoop….TRAIN WRECK #3…

Here is the second e-mail … Commissioner Stuart Dodd sent to the CIC board and others ….after more than 48 hours of the train to hell…

Stuart read it last night at the CIC meeting….

I am very disappointed with the reaction to my request to suspend my membership. I did not say resign. I have been accused of being a traitor; it’s all Barbara’s fault, despicable treatment of Mark and Cristie, out for my own gains to name but a few comments. I hold the CIC very dear to my heart and having been president there is nothing further from the truth. Let me state on the record that Barbara knew absolutely nothing of my actions or intention, nor did my wife till she read my letter. I had discussed the possibility openly and made no secret of the possibility with a few other individuals.

These actions were not intended to be hurtful to Mark, Cristie, any of the directors or the CIC. It was my decision and I accept the consequences. I personally feel the Ethics committee ruling may have stopped short of specifically finding a conflict between being a member of a political action committee and a commissioner but I have always tried to set an example when it comes to integrity, honesty and avoiding any conceivable appearance of impropriety. It is my personal belief that there is a big conflict to being a commissioner and a member of the CIC and I believe it weakens the CIC as an effective political action committee.

For example, if the CIC as a body wants to discuss amongst the membership sanctions, petitions, referenda or whom they are going to support as candidates in the next election I feel that having four current commissioners sitting in the audience would be totally damaging to the freedom of the general membership to voice their opinions openly. The CIC & CAC before it is and has always been an very effective “watch dog” of the town’s elected officials and the members and directors of the CIC should be completely free from any influence or pressure from those elected officials. This is actually why I was against wives of commissioners serving as directors but that’s my own personal opinion that was voted down. I happen to think that it is unhealthy for the CIC to continue with four commissioners sitting in the general membership and have chosen to take the lead in doing what I believe will strengthen rather than weaken the standing of the CIC in the eyes of the town or potential new members. What is the point of joining a political action committee if the committee already has 4 out of the 5 commissioners in the membership that they are supposed to be monitoring.

I would sincerely hope to be invited to the future CIC meetings in order to be able to listen to the concern of the CIC membership, update the membership on my position on any current issues and listen to all ideas and opinions of the directors and membership. I personally feel that by asking for a sabbatical I will be in a better position to serve the town and uphold the values and mantra of the CIC that I have steadfastly campaigned on and never once flip-flopped on any issue during the election or since I was elected.

If this request has been interpreted as anything other than a genuine desire for what I believe is the correct thing to do then I am guilty as charged. Do any of you who I call friends believe I want to stand down and distance myself from my friends and the strongest political organization in town that I spent countless hours to bring together and unite against the previous commission.

The CIC can not be as effective an organization with the fox guarding the hen house and I stand by doing what is right and not taking the easy way out.

I thank you for all the help and hope you will continue to help me be a better commissioner so I can serve the town and the CIC ideals without being an actual member. If you must label it- call it a sabbatical.

Stuart Dodd

BCbythesea….So readers….after reading “Train Wreck…#2 & Train Wreck…..#3…. (Scoops below)

How could it all result in………. “Train Wreck #1” ?

more to come

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