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Here’s The Scoop…This Bus Leaves The Station….VFD Public Information Request…

BCbythesea hears that there is some separating going on…with our public safety providers…and those that go by the book…(like Pointu )….don’t want to be thrown under the bus…by McIntee and his never ending sideshow diversions….and “scorched earth”…tactics…aimed at those who ask for answers…on and off the dais…

These men want to do the right thing …..fully aware that their responses at the last Commission meeting were troublesome…they are busy trying to answer the hard questions…of anyone… elected official ….resident…or reporter……in ways that will still protect the patients rights….. instead of hiding… ignoring…and purposely throwing the chain of command down the toilet….

HATS OFF to AMR….for getting out of the McIntee muck and madness…….Now Chief Perkin’s ….you are next….

more to come….


Sent an e-mail to the Chief with copies to the Town /Town Atty…….

According to the VFD- SOP 101 Customer Service….

‘We will keep a customer informed of the action to be taken, approximately how long it will take, and follow through with customer inquiries. If we cannot fulfill our commitment in the agreed upon time frame, we will let the person know as soon as possible.’

‘We will always remember that the customer is our primary purpose for existence and therefore will give them our undivided attention and not act as if they are a disruption ir an imposition.’

‘We will return messages by the end of the day or shift, unless there is some emergency reason why we are unable to do so.’


Chief Perkins;
I am requesting the information on the following requirements set forth on your VFD website.
I am also asking for the VFD Nov. monthly meeting minutes if they have been approved.
I await your response, of receipt of this e-mail, and when I can pick up this information,dating back from pre-contract time to present roster.
I will cover any copying cost.
Thank You, Barbara cole

All new members will have to complete within two months the following courses:

  • Incident Command System (IS 100, IS 200, IS 700, IS 800).
  • Sexual harassment awareness

Minimum requirement to keep an active status

To keep their active status, all members should:

  • Attend at least two drills a month and,
  • complete the monthly assigned self-study training,

and on a three month average:

– Regular members should be responding to a minimum of 15% of all emergency calls.

– Associate members should be completing their assigned station watch duties (between 24 and 40 hours per month).

will update when response of request and request is received….

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