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Here’s The Scoop…They’re Still Thinking About It…In Dania Beach..


Looks like Dania Beach has used the same Headhunter Company so disparaged in the Fl. Sentry J.P. Bender series….after all….OUCH…

The former LBTS Town Manager Bob Baldwin was included in the final 12…now said down to 5…with results expected on 1/17/09…wonder if they just used his previous resume from his Pompano Beach try?…

Fro the Bender Series part 1…the Headhunter Company used by both towns…

‘Pompano goes looking’

‘A little over a year ago the City was holding interviews to fill the slot. The field narrowed to five people. Residents and city hall officials were optimistic, in some cases convinced that no matter whom we hired, it would be an improvement.
But the City decided to hire an expert. That might be a good thing in most cases, but in Pompano, an expert is someone from out of town, who gets paid for drawing a straight line between a half-baked assumption to a predetermined conclusion. So Pompano’s expert was the lowest bidder, Colin Baenziger & Associates, a ‘headhunting’ firm based in Wellington, Florida. Their job? To go where no man has gone before, to seek out and screen “qualified candidates” for the position. I might have gotten some of that mission confused with Star Trek. Well, in retrospect, it was about as far-fetched. Anyway&ldots;
“The firm was to be paid $15,000 plus expenses, but not more than a total of $20,000, for their services,” said Mayor Lamar Fisher. He said it was the headhunting firm’s job to do a complete background check on all candidates and provide that information to the commissioners. The firm was to supply a comprehensive analysis and history to the commissioners and that would include résumés, criminal background checks, references and Internet check of newspaper articles on each of the candidates.
For the record, $15,000 plus expenses was a lot less than what the City paid to find Hargett, and his background check was woefully inadequate. Perhaps that’s why the Beanziger hunt was so short. You often don’t get what you pay for, but it’s rare that you get what you don’t pay for.’

Sentinel online….

‘The job candidates are mostly from Florida, but some from as far away as Minnesota and Wisconsin have applied, according to Colin Baenziger, a management-recruiting consultant assisting with the search.’,0,1946924.story

more to come….

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