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Here’s The Scoop….The VFD 2/2/09…VFD Incident Report

THE INCIDENT REPORT….2009-1400108-000………….LBTS

(Questions with the assist of  a few professional FF/ faithful readers)….


Alarm Date & Time….11:51:18 …Mon. Feb 2,2009

Arrival Time..11:53:38

Last Unit Cleared  & Time……13:13:44….Mon. …Feb.2,2009

Response Time….0:02:20

Priority Response….yes

Fire Dept. …12

Shift A/111-Building Fire/Initial Dispatch Code-S25CF/Aid Given or Received-none/Alarms-1/Action Taken 1-11-Extinguish/Apparatus-suppression-6/Personnel-suppression-13


Structure Type-1-enclosed building/#of Residential 28/Area of Origin-24-cooking area,kitchen/Heat Source-UU-undetermined/First Item Ignited-26-Household utensils/Type of material-41-plastic/Cause of Ignition-2-unintentional/Contribution To Ignition-1-12 Heat source too close to combustibles/Human Factors-none


Status-2-occupied and operating/floors of origin-3/Stories above grade-4/Fire spread- Confined to object of origin/Detector Type-3-combination smoke & heat in single unit..(detector operated…alerted occupants..they responded)


Case Status-1-still open/availability of material first ignited-2-available at scene/suspected motivation factors-UU-unknown /Entry Method-14-window-forced or broken/Extent of fire involvement upon arrival-3-flame and smoke showing/Incendiary devices-(container-Ignition-Delay devices:fuel)-none/ Property ownership-private/Initial observations- doors locked-yer/Initial observations-fire dept-yes/laboratory used-yes


Apparatus I.D.-E212/Response Time 0:02:20/Apparatus Dispatch Date & Time 11:51:18 Mon. Feb 2,2009/En Route to scene date & time-11:51:18/Apparatus arrival date & time-11:53:38/apparatus priority response-yes/number of people-3/apparatus use-1/apparatus action taken 1-11- Extinguish/apparatus type-11-engine/personnel 1-585-Chavez,Daniel (cert.FF2)-position FF/Personnel 2- 123-Johnson,Kenneth (12/10/08 roster-trainee)-position DE(driver-engineer)/Personnel 3- 078- Louvaris,John (cert.FF1)-position-BC(Battalion Chief)

BC- NOTE….E-212 arrival time 11:53:38…arrived on scene 1 second BEFORE Deputy Chief…..3 Personnel…1 was a trainee…(trainees not allowed inside fire scene)…problematic for 2 in/2 out?…

APPARATUS-C212 (Deputy Chief McIntee)

response time-0:01:16/En route to scene date & time-11:52:23 Mon. Feb.2,2009/Apparatus arrival date & time-11:53:39/apparatus clear date & time-13:10:30/apparatus priority response -yes/number of people-1/apparatus use-1/apparatus type-92-Chief Officer car/Personnel-1-o58- McIntee,Jerry-(cert.FF1)position FF

BC-NOTE…arrival time-11:53:39..1 second AFTER E212….

PRESS RELEASE….The first unit on scene was Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee in command vehicle 212. The Deputy Chief arrived on location at 11:52 am one minute after the alarm was transmitted. Upon arrival the Deputy Chief observed  a smoke condition and advised fire dispatch of a working fire. The Deputy advised the incoming units to be prepared for a working fire and he then went into the structure to search for any victims and the fire source. It was determined that the fire had engulfed the kitchen of apartment 302 on the 3rd floor. Fire was rolling in the kitchen of this unit when first observed.

BC- according to the Incident Report the 3 FF  on E212…were on scene at 1 second before ……so why did the Deputy Chief go in alone?…and how did he do so much alone?…..who went in with him?…not stated on report….


Response time-0:02:45/apparatus dispatch date & time- 11:51:36 Mon. Feb.2,2009/En route scene date & time-11:52:16/apparatus arrival date & time-11:55:01/apparatus clear date & time- 12:54:35/apparatus priority response-yes/apparatus use-1/apparatus type-72-rescue unit


Response time-0:03:28/ apparatus dispatch time date & time-11:59:04 Mon. Feb 2,2009/ En route to scene date & time-11:59:06/ apparatus date & time-12:02:34/ apparatus clear date & time-12:54:30/ apparatus priority response-yes/ number of people-4/ apparatus use-1/apparatus type-12-truck or aerial/personnel-110-Chase, Gordon (12/10/08-trainee) position FF/Personnel 2- 054-Hopping, Judson-cert. FF2-position CP(Captain)/Personnel 3- Padden, Kevin-cert. FF 2-position CP (Captain)/ Personnel 4-Smythe,Doug-cert.FF1- position DE (driver engineer)


Response time-0:02:02/apparatus dispatch date & time- 11:51:37/En route to scene date & time-12:07:13/apparatus arrival date & time-12:09:15/apparatus clear date & time-12:54:26/apparatus priority response-yes/ number of people-4/apparatus use-1/apparatus type-11-engine/Personnel 1-124-Louvaris II, John(trainee-12/10/08)-position-FF/Personnel 2-Maddock,Christopher-cert. FF-position-LT(lieutenant)/Personnel 3-105-Sanchez, Juan- cert. FF2-position FF/personnel 4-025,Silverstone,James-cert.-FF1-position DE (driver engineer)

APPARATUS -C12 …(Chief Perkins)

Response time 1:00:07/En Route to scene date & time-11:54:58 Mon. Feb 2,2009/ apparatus arrival date & time-12:55:05/ apparatus clear date & time-13:13:44/ apparatus priority response-yes/number of people -1/apparatus use-1/ apparatus type 91-mobile command post/Personnel 1-081-Perkins, Robert- cert. FF1- position C (Chief)

BC-NOTE…according to the Incident Report the Chief’s response time was …1 HOUR!…was he there …yes…according to a professional…but why the delay in the arrival on this report? It is suggested to this writer…it is due to non-use of his radio…giving rise to the question of who was in charge?…….(He is listed as officer in charge )…..

FROM THE PRESS REPORT…The Deputy advised Chief Perkins via radio of the condition and involvement of the fire in the structure, this allowed Chief Perkins to set up the incoming units for the attack on this fire to suppress the event.

BC- what happened between the that initial radio call and an hour later?….


Reported by-o78-John Louvaris-11:16:47-Tues. Feb 3,2009

Officer in Charge- 081-Perkins, Robert-Tues. Feb 3,2009

Reviewer-058-McIntee,Jerry-Tues Feb 3,2009


‘At 1151 hours on Monday February 2,2009 we were dispatched to a building fire. Six units were assigned to this incident.Thirteen personnel responded. We arrived on scene at 1153 hours and cleared at 1313 hours. The incident occurred at 1965 S Ocean Blvd.LBTS in District 12B. Th local station is 12. The general description of this property is multifamily dwelling. The primary task(s) performed at the scene by responding personnel was extinguishment. No mutual/automatic aid was given or received.

The involved structure is described as an enclosed building. The building was occupied and operating. “Cooking area, kitchen”best describes the primary use of the room or space where the fire originated. This building has four stories above ground. The fire occurred on the third floor. The fire was confined to the object of origin. The cause of ignition was unintentional. The material first ignited was “plastic”. “Heat source too close to combustibles” contributed to the ignition of the fire.

The building was equipped with a single unit smoke/heat detectors. The detection system was hardwired. The detector(s) operated properly. The detector(s) alerted the occupants and the occupants responded.

The estimated content loss was $25,000. The estimated content value was $25,000.

Alarm number 1400108 has been assigned to this incident.

NOTE: Standpipe was unaccessible to FD due to landscape overgrown, no knox box found. For information,photographs and cost damages concerning incident see fire origin and cost report.

end of report’

PRESS RELEASE-While the incoming units were hooking up to the standpipes and laying the lines to control this fire, Deputy Chief McIntee made an aggressive attack on the fire with an interior hose line. This held the further spread of the fire temporarily and when all were committed to the fire they were successful in stopping the spread of the fire in this unit.

BC- when did the FD realize the standpipe was “unaccessible”?….According to the Press Release…units were hooking up …and we were told that the VFD did a town wide condo inspection for just this reason prior to their Oct. 1st contract…On Nov. 15,2008 16 FF went to this address to assist with a med call…and we were also told at such calls it would provide a chance for training and inspecting the property….

In the report there is no description of who was in…who was out…and who did what…

There is no report on the minor injuries described in the press release to 3 FF…..

Being a “newbie” to all this why in the incident report….Why is there Arson-Case Status-1-still open/Entry Method window-forced or open…and then the VFD states….The cause of ignition was unintentional. The material first ignited was “plastic”. “Heat source too close to combustibles” contributed to the ignition of the fire?

THE PRESS RELEASE.-The Deputy advised the incoming units to be prepared for a working fire and he then went into the structure to search for any victims and the fire source. It was determined that the fire had engulfed the kitchen of apartment 302 on the 3rd floor. Fire was rolling in the kitchen of this unit when first observed.

The incident report-The fire was confined to the object of origin.

It is the understanding of the is writer that other reports should be forthcoming …to expand the scope of what is in this incident report………

Press Release…previously posted…scoops/VFD categories….

more to come…..

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