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Here’s The Scoop…The Ominous Direction Of The CIC


The CIC is having a “OLD-FASHIONED TOWN HALL MEETING”…see previous post…


Here is the invitation received by Commissioner Dodd…and the other 4 Commissioners…(assuming they received the same version)

The rules and regulations contained within this “OLD -FASHIONED TOWN HALL MEETING” invite are on par with the the opening salvos thrown out from the dais upon the appointment of McIntee becoming Vice Mayor….putting the kabash of the publics ability to address the dais by name…taking away the use of Jarvis Hall to “outsiders” (despite the original intent by the Jarvis Family themselves) and so and so on and so on…at 7 months and counting….

“Dear Commissioner Dodd:

We are honored to offer a forum, the CIC sponsored “OLD-FASHIONED TOWN HALL MEETING”, for Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Citizens to engage in an open dialogue with their Town Commissioners and learn what is on each other’s minds in an friendly, informal setting. The date is Sunday, September 21, 7pm, at Jarvis Hall.

The following are details of the evenings program:

We will begin promptly at 7 pm with opening remarks made by CIC Chair, Cristie Furth who will then turn the meeting over to Masters of Ceremony for the Old-Fashioned Town Hall meeting, Bob and Adrienne Roberts.


Each Commissioner (with no other Commissioner present) will have a total of 25 minutes with the audience including a 3-5 minute opening statement (suggestions: past accomplishments, and/or future goals, and/or a current issue) followed by 20 minutes of questions and answers. Note: Concise answers will allow for greater audience participation! In case you change your mind and decide to attend you will be #5. Your time slot would be 9:10 to 9:35

(BCbythesea…Comm. Dodd will not be attending as the CIC Chair and Board are well aware …thus the inclusion of the last line….)


A timekeeper will inform Commissioners when their opening comment time has ended and again 5 minutes before the end of their segment and at the end. There will be a decorum code in effect as follows: “Any citizen shall be provided a reasonable opportunity to address the Commissioners on any public matter. The presiding officer shall preserve strict order and decorum at the meeting and any conduct which constitutes an interruption or personal attack will receive a warning and, on second offense, removal by the Sergeant of Arms from the assembly.” The room will be set up with the presenting Commissioner seated in front of the podium and the assembly seated in u-shaped rows facing the Commissioners. We will have use of the PA system and hand-held microphones:

Sincerely The CIC Board of Directors”

YIKES….Where do I begin….Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting…my eye!……

It’s set-up for a campaign meeting ala the Saddleback event for Obama and McCain without the sound- proof room! …

This is not a campaign…these are not candidates…this is not a friendly …OPEN…Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting…and this was not a decision of all 9 members of the CIC Board as it is stated to be from the letter!….

The founding member with the most votes received from the CIC membership to return to the Board in April…. to represent those members…John Thompson was not included in this decision…and was in fact purposely excluded from all input on this event and this forum….as well as prior CIC information…..given to the rest of the Board….

This means those members that voted for him to have a seat and a voice on the Board have been denied their representation by the Executive CIC Board without cause or the membership being informed of their actions..

Some Board members …so upset with the actions of the new Board under the direction of Chair Cristie Furth and Vice Chair Maureen McIntee …and member #10 John MacMillan are considering leaving the Board due to the hierarchy that has now taken hold in the organization…the antics…the rules….the e-mails… the notes…the stress…the loss of what this organization was…and what it has become….”CRAZY”…….

Other Board members are afraid to speak up due to what they have witnessed happening to this writer…Comm. Dodd … John Thompson …and the purported new Board instituted requirements of silence for the Board ….with consequences…

In a short span of time…from their appointments last April…. the new Chair Cristie Furth…Vice Chair Maureen McIntee and Board member # 10 MacMillan…(who was never voted in as a Board member by the membership, but is included in the Board’s process)….have ruined this fine …Democratic civic organization ……

Members will need to decide….if the CIC of old is worth saving …by speaking up…calling for an emergency meeting…calling the Executive CIC Board to task for overturning their votes for John Thompson and tearing apart the very foundation of the organization itself…. for their own power hungry agenda!….

Inaction on the part of the membership will only embolden the Executive Board to accelerate their actions as they finish out their terms….thinking they have been given free license to do so….from the silence…of those members…

Complacency will lead to the demise of the CIC through a steady stream of members who decide to walk away…resign or to distance themselves from the organization going forth….

It is true that this writer walked away….resigned and distanced myself from the organization….a comment I have heard quite often of late…….and for that…. I am truly sorry…for I would have stood up…I would be speaking up for my vote to be equal…to be counted….my representation to be honored….my information to be forthcoming…and the core values of my CIC organization to be adhered to as they were when I made the decision to join…

CIC members….the future of the CIC is in your hands….

more to come…..

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