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Here’s The Scoop….The LBTS-Rorshach Test….

Hermann Rorschach created the Rorschach inkblot test in 1921

‘There are ten official inkblots. Five inkblots are black ink on white paper. Two are black and red ink on white paper. Three are multicolored. After the individual has seen and responded to all the inkblots, the tester then gives them to him again one at a time to study. The test subject is asked to note where he sees what he originally saw and what makes it look like that. The blot can also be rotated. As the subject is examining the inkblots, the psychologist writes down everything the subject says or does, no matter how trivial.

A common misconception of the Rorschach test is that its interpretation is based primarily on the contents of the response – what the examinee sees in the inkblot. In fact, the contents of the response are only a comparatively small portion of a broader cluster of variables that are used to interpret the Rorschach data.’


(posted as written)

Lauderdale -By-The-Sea Volunteer Fire Department

Distributed to Town Commission 2/4/09

February 2,2009

Town Manager Esther Colon

Town Hall

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Florida 33308

Dear Madame Manager,

On the 2nd day of February at approximately 11:51 AM a fire alarm was dispatched for the commercial structure building at 1965 S. Ocean in our Town a 40 unit multistory condo unit. This began a process where eventually sent all the fire equipment assigned to this town, to the scene.

The first unit on scene was Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee in command vehicle 212. The Deputy Chief arrived on location at 11:52 am one minute after the alarm was transmitted. Upon arrival the Deputy Chief observed  a smoke condition and advised fire dispatch of a working fire. The Deputy advised the incoming units to be prepared for a working fire and he then went into the structure to search for any victims and the fire source. It was determined that the fire had engulfed the kitchen of apartment 302 on the 3rd floor. Fire was rolling in the kitchen of this unit when first observed. The Deputy advised Chief Perkins via radio of the condition and involvement of the fire in the structure, this allowed Chief Perkins to set up the incoming units for the attack on this fire to suppress the event. While the incoming units were hooking up to the standpipes and laying the lines to control this fire, Deputy Chief McIntee made an aggressive attack on the fire with an interior hose line. This held the further spread of the fire temporarily and when all were committed to the fire they were successful in stopping the spread of the fire in this unit. It should be noted that this is an older condo of about 40 units and the spread of the fire could have been castoscopic if not controlled early. The quick arrival of the Deputy Chief and the crews from out department clearly established that the months and months of training we have done paid off. Damage to the contents of the apartment was estimated at $5000,00 and damage to the structure at $20,000.00 There will probable be many more smoke damage claims increasing this loss substantially from other units but to determine that additional loss would be very difficult.

Three fire fighters sustained minor injuries in putting this fire out.

Your truly,

Chief Robert Perkins



WOW!…what a coincidence…you couldn’t make this stuff up….on the very day of this “working fire” at 1965 S Ocean …The Rocaille …..

1965 S Ocean Boulevard, Unit: 302, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308

Condo Development: Rocaille Apartments
Owner: Lorenzo Desimone and Angela Desimone (as of October 2007)
sales history (2001-present)

$155,000 on October 24, 2008 / Bank Sale (REO)Bank Sale
B: Charles Eisenbeis
S: Lasalle Bank and Mlmi Trust

$10,300 on August 12, 2008 / ForeclosureForeclosure
B: Lasalle Bank
S: Broward County Circuit Court and Lorenzo Desimone
about the property
Year built: 2000
Square footage (land): N/A
Square footage (living): N/A
Beds: N/A
Baths: N/A
Stories: N/A

This writer posted …”Here’s The Scoop…As We Cut The Ribbon…Questions Still Abound” concerning the ability of the VFD to handle a real fire, as had occurred in another town…per an article in the Sentinel, also questioning the statement made by Vice Mayor McIntee to the Ethics Commission asserting he was the most experienced firefighter in the VFD and had 45 years of experience, but not listing previous fire fighting experience (listed in his bio…police, arson and bomb…not firefighter )…along with his VFD  Florida certification acquired in 2005……this on the day of cutting the ribbon for the new LBTS Public Safety Complex….

On that very day…low and behold a “working fire”….

We first heard about it from a memo sent out to Commissioners…with a report expected to follow…

At the ribbon cutting the Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief informed the Mayor as she walked to the ceremony….adding we needed no mutual aid…

The next time this writer heard about it was after the CIC meeting the evening of the 2nd…..hearing it was on the 4th floor…it was the first time many of the firefighters saw a fire and used water….that BSO repeatedly called and offered to help…and that Vice Mayor/ Deputy Chief McIntee had repeated multiple times to add there was no need for mutual aid….

Again this was brought up the following day February 3rd, 2009 at the Commission Round Table…this occurred when the Vice Mayor was on the “hot seat” for withholding information on the ATV repair…that revealed he was the person that gave the go ahead on the repair and was fully aware that it was from “going too fast, negligence”…despite being on record on the dais at the 1/28/09 Commission meeting stating it was not from “hot rodding”…Squirming due to this “gotcha”…a clear violation of his statement to the Ethics Commission of no involvement with expenditures within the department, and being caught in a lie, he countered between trips to the water fountain…pointing his finger at Comm. Dodd and the Mayor for not thanking the VFD for the “working fire”…to which Comm. Dodd said he was awaiting the report….


How do you look at this report…what do you see….

Do you see a Deputy Chief in charge that showed courage  and experience?

Do you see a grandstanding “report”?….

Questions so far…to this writer….from those who know how these situations work….

What was the time of arrival of the other units?….

Was the Deputy Chief in gear when he entered the structure?….

Were all the firefighters entering the building certified?

Was the water damage controlled in using the interior hose?

Why in this “report” is it all the Deputy Chief handling the fire, he is supposed to “lead”…were the other firefighters able to assist?

What were the “minor injuries”?… Were the firefighters in proper gear?…Smoke inhalation?

Was it the right call to turn down mutual aid offered if as the report states….”It should be noted that this is an older condo of about 40 units and the spread

of the fire could have been castoscopic if not controlled early”?

BC-the date shown online..the building was built in 2000

To this writer it looks like a step in the direction assuming all the questions are answered and found to be in order, following the proper procedures….

NOTE…The ISO is in town doing their evaluation..they arrived yesterday…..

more to come…

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