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Here’s The Scoop…THE Furth Commissioner Campaign “Playbook”…Circa 2007…


Dear Readers….Today this writer heard from a new faithful reader who said she was going to pass on this site to many who live in the town and want to make a big change in March 2010!…

Among the “many” she speaks of just may be a few who want to put their hat into the ring….To run for  a seat on the next L-B-T-S Commission …So it seems to be the perfect time to post the “game plan” that is in process for the return of the “BROOM BOYS”…(Broom Boys 2)….

It is obvious to this writer that Campaign Manager/BFF/Editor of the Mc-Furth Times Cristie Furth must have given her “sweeping orders”  to the “2-HATS” already…

Do not be fooled by 1 Broom Boy feigning indecision from the dais……the “BROOM BOYS”  will run again……for who else can the CIC find to run?….

So make sure to read the plan…print it out…e-mail it to your friends and neighbors….and refer to it as we head towards the election …

To the new readers…WELCOME….Please BOOKMARK this site…and check it often…Scoops throughout the day…(along with sister site extra posts of interest…and Places To Go)…And of course your comments….ideas…….sightings……etc….are always most appreciated…..

“STRATEGY”…..2007…..Author: Cristie Furth

Notes from Campaign Strategy Meeting
Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:57 AM
“Marc Furth”
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“Barbara Cole”

Morning!  I already spoke to Stu this morning about beginning to compile campaign notebooks,

which should include meeting notes.  This way each meeting can easily build upon the last one and help keep us on track.  Check out the last category on “leadership tone”.  Does that work for you guys?

Notes from Campaign Strategy Meeting, August 16, 2007

General Information:

*  Ride on our successes, what we’re good at.

*  Running a slate…weaknesses drag you down and strength may not be enough to overcome.

*  “Complete the Sweep”  if we have 3 candidates to endorse

*  Let’s be realistic, we need one seat

*  “Time for a change”


*  Is the VFD an issue we can win on?  Do we have 60% of the citizens on our side?

*  Term limits – help enforce what you voted for

*  Lower fire assessments/ storm water assessment for condos

*  Political corruption

*  Overlay district

*  Accountability


*  The last time we started to clean up the city, this time we’re going to get the job done!

*  Referring to the “Oliver Gang”…There they go again!

*  Term limits…you voted for it…help us enforce what you want on January 29th.

*  Let the sun shine in!  The Sunshine candidates! (this changes the tone)

*  Bring credibility to being the mayor.

*  Parker = elitist.  Don’t let him buy another race.  Backroom deals, Boss Hog

*  New Guard/New Dawn

*  Small town values not backroom deals

*  Change or maintain the status quo

*  After 14 years, the only thing crazier than keeping Oliver Parker is expecting him to change.

*  The only real bully is Oliver Parker and we’re finally standing up for you!

*  Yanni and Clark are Parker’s lockstep puppies

*  You voted for term limits, the Old Guard balked…you can fix it.

*  Parker has been pulling the strings for 14 years!


*  Birute…Pick 3 personal issues she can bring credibility on e.g. accountability, corruption.

Can run on fire assessment/she has credibility as an accountant.  Write one policy article on why

Why she’s running.

*  Stuart’s accent works against him…more mail…less public presentations

*  Candidates don’t say vote for or against.  Write articles in 600 words or less.  Focus on why we need

Change and new direction.

*  Example of candidate canvassing:  Hi, I’m Stuart and I’m standing for the Commission seat.  Do

You watch Commission meetings?  Yes.  Do you like how they are run?  I’m for change. If answer

Is no…Do you know what happened with term limits, overlay districts?

*  These are my observations, this is what needs to change

Campaign Strategy:

*  Rule #1…Never mention your opponents

*  Small towns are won at the door

*  The best way to get the VFD back is to win the election

*  Change the pitch to height restrictions, managed development, term limits

*  Spend 2/3 of our efforts in Old town 1/3 in New Town

*  Fundraising begins yesterday.  Call contributors and ask them to give same amount again.

*  Resurrect the CIC Report Card

*  Turn all the energy away from BSO and into Parker, Yanni, and Clark

*  If the other side is fighting over two candidates, it is best not to be divisive.  Let others fight

Among themselves.

*  CIC t-shirts with just a symbol, no words…stop sitting in front row.

*  Pull good voter #’s

*  CIC can spend unlimited amount on issues but not candidates.  CIC needs $15,000.

*  Mailing should be saved for high rises.  Don’t mail to anyone who doesn’t vote.

CIC / Volunteer Campaign Strategy

*  CIC endorsement = These are candidates that share our values rather than running a CIC slate.

Endorse our values as a community group, height restriction, term limits, VFD.  CIC issues not

Candidate issues.

*  CIC events, invite the whole community.  Hold at least 3 major event that bring people together..

Cookout… CIC/Fireman’s ball…New Years day ceremony?  Minimum tickets $10. Put up your

Hand who can give us $500 for the cause?  Silent auctions?  CIC holds events that support the issues

Have weekly coffee events.

*   Get CIC volunteers to deliver mail and flyers. Not as members of the organization but on candidates


Hello, my name is ______, I’m your neighbor and I like _____for Commissioner.  Give

Them a picture and a tagline of 3 issues and an invitation to an event.  “I’m voting for them, I hope

You will vote for them too.

These candidates are conscientious people with ideas I support.

Do you plan on voting?  If they like Yanni, etc…thank them for their time, leave literature and walk


No more than 50 seconds at the door if you’re a volunteer.

Two main intentions of canvassing.  To Leave information and to gain information e.g.  Did you

Vote for Yanni?  Yes…do you like his track record on BSO?  Yes…Term limits? No…I support

________.  Is this a persuadable voter?  Worth a call from a candidate?

*    Mailing to all who signed recall.  We need your support!

*   Need 9 weeks out from election for canvassing.  50 people knock 20 doors per week to support

Candidates.  Knock each door 3 times, handing out literature.  Knocking 2 times is good, knocking

Just one…loses.

Tone from Leadership

*  The “clean sweep” will be a viable strategy if our leaders are in touch with the needs of the group.

They need to be a part of what LBTS will be like when the New Guard is in leadership.

*  Leadership needs to shift from attacking BSO from the dais to “what LBTS will be like with the

VFD back.

*  Need to turn the tables more on Oliver and the Old Guard rather than BSO.  Mayor, you should hold

BSO accountable so I can stop asking the questions.

* Try to stay away from fire for 6 months.  Staying quiet, being less controversial, staying away

from minutia and being considered approachable and good leaders is what best support our

Candidates…which will get the VFD back in 6 months.

BC- The last “strategy” was aimed at then-Commissioner McIntee….He would not listen then…but now…judge for yourselves!…

more to come……

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