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LBTS …A living History….Martha E. Munzer (1989)

“Juanita Pendlebury, town clerk, …called “Wally”….has worked in this capacity for over 34 years…..served under the last 5 administrations….One of her duties as clerk was handling, recording and reporting of the town’s money matters. Wally recalls her first job was to send out bills of assessment to all property owners for the new water supply system.”

“…..the first officially recorded town budget in 1958 was $107,613;by 1989 the figure stood at $2,334.664. From a town of 250 …..the population has risen to approximately 3500 residents and about 7000 tourists…..from 3-4 land -selling companies in the fifties there are now 32 licensed Realtors busily reselling residences, motels, condos and places of business, for the town was just about “built out” in the seventies, leaving practically no room for new building.”

“There are now 29 eateries…..there are now five banks, one award- winning gas station, 50 retail sales establishments, including the longstanding Beach Hardware, Cookie Shop and Village Pharmacy….in addition there are 15 businesses devoted to personal beautification.”

“Business is brisk during the season, from about Christmas time to mid-April…….”

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