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Here’s The Scoop…THE 4 STORY MAN…..


From the Future’s new edition…….front page ‘DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU VOTE’ Mark Brown….Parker is running for the Broward soil and conservation commission…no pay…no benefits…but the ‘important mission to adopt rules for conserving water and protecting or reducing soil erosion’…and his ‘position’…his ‘springboard’ ‘to push an idea he worked hard to bring to LBTS; a county-wide, four-story building height limit.’

He continues the plan…’he wants to develop a land-use plan which would institute a four-story height limit throughout the entire county, except for certain areas such as the downtown business district in Fort Lauderdale.’

Parker said we have too much development in the county and the population is going to increase from 1.8 million to 2.5-3 million by 2030.

‘Parker said in a recent interview.’……”if you don’t build it they can’t come.”….

Excerpt below…….January 25,2005 LBTS Commission Meeting……continuing in 2005-2006..(March 2006…was referendum vote)…archived Commission meetings…..

‘Mayor Parker stated that he supported the three-over-one concept townwide; however,
he felt that this particular proposed amendment would not be in the Town’s best
interest. He proceeded to explain several problems he had noticed, which included the
height of the elevator shaft and stairwell. Mayor Parker indicated that the manner in
which the amendment was written only provided the ability to develop a three-story
building. He advised that another deficiency with the proposed amendment was that it
did not consider the requirements of the Bert J. Harris Act which could require the Town
to compensate property owners if their property value decreased by 10 percent due to a
land use change’ …..

He is running as a non-partisan candidate District 3… ..against Fred Segal…also running as a non-partisan…District 3 ..

more to come….


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