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Here’s The Scoop…Sure You Want To Have A Referendum That Ties Our Hands?….


Dear Readers…As you know monthly, this writer asked for and received…sometimes after much delay…the monthly VFD minutes…and posted them…this month was no different…in fact after receiving the last 3 month profit and loss statement…also after much delay…the VFD Executive Secretary told me to e-mail her for the Jan. minutes to be approved at their Feb meeting on Mon. Feb.9,2009…..I did that on Feb.11,2009…and today  received the following e-mail from Chief Perkins…

Not a huge surprise…after the  2/3/09 Commission round table and Comm. Clottey’s assertion made by the speaker at the Plantation FLOCities workshop (previously posted)…along with the posting questioning the press release/incident report…(previous post…VFD category)……

This writer will contact their attorney and the Town Attorney to verify their claim….


Readers…the Chief has stated…”Although we provide a public service to the community, the volunteer fire department is a private corporation.”…so the real question is, do the residents of LBTS want to have a referendum that makes it impossible to terminate a “private corporation” without a vote…

Before you answer too fast…think about the growing VFD  secrecy, the lack of following VFD  bylaws…the “promised” transparency ….Now closed to anyone who questions….BECAUSE…that too was the impetus..or so we were told…along with the financial burden to the Town for terminating BSO Fire and EMS….

In fact a required vote for termination could also make it possible for the fire safety costs to skyrocket…with no recourse left to the taxpayers…due to no competition allowed to look elsewhere…again without the  long drawn out process of having a vote to disband the VFD and look elsewhere…

In this writer’s opinion…these facts…along with the cost and time to have an election…a referendum on this item is not the way to go….

With an election coming in March 2010…it would also tie the hands of any new Commission and the Town to deal with only one of their public safety providers…an inequity …to BSO and AMR…(AMR also being a private corporation)…

The people will let them know ….without being held hostage in what could very well be an unacceptable environment for the time it would take to put together a petition or get a majority on the dais to deal with the cost and the logistics for a special  election to enact their removal…

Case in point…just look at what has happened thus far in the repeal of the Overlay Districts…and the “thwarting” of fixing the outcome of that “knee jerk” action……along with the multiple referendums to come in Nov. or March 2010……depending on when they can get the workshop…1st and 2nd readings…and get the Supervisor of Elections requirements in order…

Promises of “safety clauses” will not suffice…because the only “safety clause” acceptable with dealing with a “private corporation” is being able to fire them…as would be the case with Waste Management, Comcast, AMR and all other “private corporation” contractors the Town contracts with….


Last to first…


Chief Perkins,
Please provide me with your attorney’s name  and contact information
Thank you, Barbara Cole


Mrs. Cole,

Thank you again, for your interest in our department. Although we provide a public service to the community, the volunteer fire department is a private corporation.  It has been decided that we are not obligated to provide minutes of our internal business meetings to the public.  If you wish appeal our decision, you may contact our attorney at your own expense.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If there is of any other matter that we may of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your Fire Chief,

Robert Perkins


you asked me to e-mail you for my request for the Jan. minutes, roster and still awaiting updated certifications.
Please let me know when I can pick them up
Barbara Cole


Mrs. Cole,

Your budget request is ready, you may pick it up anytime today after noon.  Cost 2$.

Ex. Sec. Louvaris

more to come……….

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