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Here’s The Scoop…Sprucing Up The Corridors…

Sprucing Up The El Mar Drive Corridor….

The Master Plan Steering Committee will be welcoming students from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale…on Feb. 16,2009….

The students will follow in the footsteps of the students that participated in the Commercial Beach Pavilion now under construction….by using the south end of El Mar Drive and the million dollar escrow monies to come up with a streetscape for their current class project….

It will be a Design Competition among the students and the MPSC will base the winners on whose designs best benefit the beautification of El Mar Drive.  They will also try and offer a small scholarship fund to the winner or winners if money can be allotted from the Town.  They’ll  be looking for $500.00 to $1,000.00 for scholarship money.

It will be to enhance the street especially the medians…make them user friendly…and include a way to have lighting all year round for walkers…drivers while shielding the turtles!…

The million was designated for south of Commercial in the development order and the”deal made”…much to the chagrin of certain owners north of Commercial…leaving the question….where will monies come from to attend it at the present time…or will it be done in staging?….

BC- look to see if the Administration offers up the”boardwalk million or 2″ that the Town Manager had set aside for the “Oriana board walk to nowhere” Manager Colon  tried hard to get the Commission to go along with spending that outrageous sum on the “easement” of beach behind Oriana…fortunately it failed to get any traction on the dais…and that inconsequential patch of beach will revert back to the owners…but the $$$$$…may still be in one of her “funds”…

The students will put forth their project for their big class project over the next 5 weeks…and will start with this visit on Feb. 16th. The MPSC will treat the students to lunch at the Aruba.  After that they  will proceed to walk the medians on El Mar Drive to give them a feel for the project.  At approximately 2:30 they will meet at Jarvis Hall to give them the parameters on their assignment.  This will be their only school project for this semester so they will be concentrating on our project only. A “book” being put together for them by the Chair and Vice Chair of MPSC……

Look for updates on how it went at the MPSC meeting the 3rd Tuesday of this month…2/17/09…7pm…Jarvis Hall televised on Comcast …channel 78…and on this site…

Meanwhile…Oakland Park is using FAU for Oakland Park Blvd….as we did in 2005 for one of our many attempts at looking towards revitalizing LBTS…(previously posted)…

Sentinel 2/8/09……….

‘The first of three public workshops was recently held at Oakland Park City Hall to gather consensus for possible future redevelopment efforts along the Oakland Park Boulevard corridor.

Florida Atlantic University architecture students in the final year of a five-year bachelor’s program are transferring the ideas to area plans and redevelopment scenarios which the public will be able to score when they are exhibited at two Tuesday meetings at Oakland Park City Hall from 7 to 10 p.m. Feb. 24 and April 21.

“It’s real-life examples of what planning is, of what architecture and design is, and provides real-world feedback,” Cromar said.

Students and residents formed groups to inventory the corridor in six segments. They toured their areas on foot and assigned scores to the quality of each area’s transportation, urban design, landscape, architecture and environmental graphics. After returning to City Hall, each group created a redesign statement and graphics.’,0,1082181.story

more to come……..

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