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Here’s The Scoop…Scenic Highway Sights In LBTS….Do Us Proud…


‘Anglin’s Pier was built by the Anglin family in the early 1940’s. Melvyn Anglin, also the first mayor of Lauderdale By The Sea was a fisherman who said he would catch the most fish in that vicinity on the beach. He decided to build a pier at that location. The pier was rebuilt and made longer  in 1963. The grand re-opening of the pier was on the day of the assassination of John F Kennedy.
Anglin’s Pier in the longest pier in South Florida. It is also the lowest pier to the ocean. The pier gives you the unique feeling  of being  directly on top of the water. It makes  fishing a little bit easier and makes sightseers a little bit closer to the ocean. Anglins Pier is surrounded by the nearest coral reefs on the east coast of the United States.
Anglin’s Pier is the only Pier in South Florida that the walkway is made completely out of wood planks. While the other piers in Florida and throughout  the country have cement and other types of walkways, Anglin’s Pier wood plank walkway creates a historic ambiance with its construction.
Anglin’s Pier has the visually unique destination of being in Lauderdale By The Sea. While on the pier, you look west and notice the village atmosphere of the Town.  South of the pier is the Galt Ocean mile and north is Pompano Beach. Nestled in between is Lauderdale by the Sea and the pier is in the center of the Town.

In 2006 the pier suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma and at that time the pier was only open halfway and lost what had been done from Hurricane Francis and Hurricane Jeanne that had damaged it the year before that.
The Pier, as of the Fall of 2006 is open and operating 24 hours a day.
Anglin’s Pier has been completely refurbished and the previous hurricane damage is non-existent  while you stroll on the pier. . The patrons  of the pier have the chance  to look down  through the pier to see the many different sub-tropical and tropical fish that live around the pier in their habitat and also being witness to some unbelievable catches of which so many are in Awe.
Anglins Pier is the focal point of the Town of  Lauderdale By the Sea and just recently, on the April 5th edition of New York Times newspaper. there was a full page  in the travel section with an article on Anglin’s Pier with the headline ” Affordable Fun on South Florida’s Gold Coast”.’

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