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Here’s The Scoop…..Sad To Report….Lots Of Questions Are Being Asked…

BSO News Alert…


* Vincenza Pesce, 62, female, 03/30/47, Italy (DECEASED)
* Franchesco Martinizi, 4, male, 09/03/04, Italy (HOSPITALIZED)

Description of Incident:

A grandmother who was critically burned in a Lauderdale-By-The-Sea hyperbaric chamber explosion died from her injuries early Saturday morning.

Vincenza Pesce passed away at 3:49 a.m. Saturday. Since the victim died in Miami, the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner’s office will handle the case along with the Broward Sheriff’s Office and State Fire Marshal, who are continuing their investigation.’

full text link below…

BC- Many local residents were asking yesterday about the building …All having concerns about the upkeep since the death of the Dr.Neubauer…Adding to that dialog was a resident who said his father was told to go to Imperial Point for more up to date equipment…Investigations are ongoing…with news yesterday of the 1500 lb. tank below the center being emptied…and reports of so much paperwork that the fire dept. and building depts. are still going through it. One question that needs answering for many is what was the followup after the dryer fire late last year and was this business part of the Town fire inspection in process…said to have been starting in the south end of town? We know from the Fountainhead was the first..acknowledged by the Town Manager and the VFD…and we also know the downtown businesses have been inspected…from their own reports weeks ago to this writer…It would make sense that an inspection was done on Ocean Hyperbaric. It is among 3 locations in town that have tanks..the other 2 are the gas station and Beach Hardware….The building at 4001 Ocean is now under the control the BSO Homicide Unit, headed by Sergeant Glenn Bukata.

The Commissioners are receiving frequent updates on the situation from BSO Chief Scott Gooding,  thanks to Comm. Dodd asking for this to be done regularly at the 4/28-29 2009 Commission meeting under a new business item he put on… …Along with the news alerts from BSO …it is a real plus for our community…

Excerpts from the Sentinel…

‘That center was founded in 1972 by Dr. Richard Neubauer, who died in 2007. Corporate records list his widow, Winnie, 83, of Pompano Beach, as its current manager. Winnie Neubauer could not be reached for comment despite two messages left on her answering machine.

Kenitz worked at the Neubauer clinic until 2005, and complained about safety, she said.

“They are using chambers that are pretty old chambers,” she said.

Jachles too said the chambers in the room that exploded “appeared older.”‘

full text link below….,0,4038845.story

more to come….

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