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Here’s The Scoop…Re-E-Mailed VFD Public Records Request…Count Down To A Reply

Dear Readers…This will be Day 1 of the VFD Count-Down for a reply for a Public Records Request…from Chief Perkins….
The Chief instructed this taxpaying writer to re-submit my unanswered requests …..and he would respond…including a response he is in receipt of the e-mailed inquiry, and when it would be forthcoming…
Of course being more than a little leery…gun-shy of the after effects of such an offer…now known to other less cooperative “2 hats” VFD members…I remain skeptical of the Sunday…independent declaration made by the Chief…
This time I hope my assumptions are wrong…and we will see just when this count-down to a reply is null and void…
Updates to be posted…shades of the Fox News Election Count Down…and Chris Wallace waiting for Obama to come on his show…
THE E-MAIL…as instructed…below…
Sunday, November 23, 2008 6:02 PM


Bob, as per our conversation today, I am re-e-mailing my requests…

Chief Perkins;
I am requesting the information on the following requirements set forth on your VFD website.
I am also asking for the VFD Nov. monthly meeting minutes if they have been approved.
I await your response, of receipt of this e-mail, and when I can pick up this information,dating back from pre-contract time to present roster.
I will cover any copying cost.
Thank You, Barbara cole

All new members will have to complete within two months the following courses:

  • Incident Command System (IS 100, IS 200, IS 700, IS 800).
  • Sexual harassment awareness

Minimum requirement to keep an active status

To keep their active status, all members should:

  • Attend at least two drills a month and,
  • complete the monthly assigned self-study training,

and on a three month average:

– Regular members should be responding to a minimum of 15% of all emergency calls.

– Associate members should be completing their assigned station watch duties (between 24 and 40 hours per month).

a copy …. my second request sent in Sept.

Chief Perkins;
Thank you for the information I asked for, I require further information….
A request for:
1. the designations of your membership, who are the Chiefs, Officers for training etc… Lieutenants …. administrators…their experience/ qualifications…what are they paid yearly/hourly/benefits
2. which members receives retirement…pension? When does eligibility start?
3. What are in-house/ drill/ beach training incentives for and who receives them?
4. Tech hours…who is tech person/pay/rate
5. #710 other pers. exp. pay…what and who?
6. Does the Town pay for the Commercial storefront…rent/utilities/operating costs and will they continue after installed in Public safety complex?

Also as we discussed…SOP #205 still contains VFD/AMR agreement…for switching service from AMR to VFD in need on scene.

Please show me in your by-laws where you can appoint without a vote for board members…or change monies …spend monies from funds without a vote of the board/general membership…also some hires…etc…do not show up in your meeting minutes?

Who is the Medical Doctor who is doing the VFD medical in-house exams?

Thank You.

Please let me know you received this e-mail…and when the information will be ready for pick up..I will cover the copy costs.

Barbara Cole

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