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Here’s The Scoop….Public Notices

Public Notices….


The Town of LBTS desires to offer to the community at large a professional theatre (as spelled in paper) program to entertain and educate residents and in-season tourists. The benefit to the community will be to encourage patronage of local business, lodging and restaurants. Proposal shall describe in detail the program proposed, addressing the facility requirements,scheduling,providing specific cost of the service through budget, providing experience of the proposer. Although the Contracting Owner is a Public Agency, proposers will be expected to uphold fiduciary and professional responsibilities and courtesies as that of the private owner. Prospective proposers are hereby notified that all information submitted will be available for public inspection in compliance with “Government Sunshine laws.”The agency contact regarding this proposal is John Olinzock. Assistant to the Town Manager, 954-776-0576,[email protected]


We paid to put an ad in the Sentinel…to ask more Performing Arts Companies to come to Jarvis Hall?….

BCbythesea….After last night’s 7/8/08 Commission meeting…exchange with the owner of the Theater Company we already lined up….COME ON!

We have no space to give a rehearsal….we are not offering any financial support….and we paid for this ad?…..

What gives?….

This is what the Bulletin Board in the Sentinel is for….

This is what the Community Round-Up in the Sentinel is for….

Volunteers….is what kind of Performing Arts we are looking for…are we not?……….

and after last night’s “performance”………seems to be…..not!

Bad Move…..

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