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Here’s The Scoop…..Public Notices To Be Less Public….


S2292    GENERAL BILL by Storms
Advertisements & Notices by Governmental Entities; Provides
circumstances under which a governmental entity may use its website for  legally required advertisements and public notices. Requires that   legally required advertisements and notices be conspicuously placed on  publicly accessible websites. Provides requirements for publication in newspapers and on the Internet for certain required notices and advertisements by governmental entities, etc.

becoming law.
02/26/09 SENATE Filed

HB 1477 – Legally Required Advertisements and Public Notices by Governmental Entities

GENERAL BILL   by Zapata
Legally Required Advertisements and Public Notices by Governmental Entities: Authorizes various governmental entities to publish or advertise legally required public notices & advertisements on publicly accessible website; defines “publicly accessible website”; provides conditions for utilization of publicly accessible website for such purposes; provides for optional receipt of legally required public notices & advertisements via first class mail; provides requirements for legally required advertisements & public notices published on publicly accessible website; provides that specified notice, advertisement, or publication on publicly accessible website constitutes legal notice; provides that advertisements directed by law or order or decree of court to be made in county in which no newspaper is published may be made by publication on publicly accessible website; provides clarifying & conforming language; reenacts various provisions of law to incorporate amendments to various statutes in act in references thereto.
Effective Date: Not Specified

Last Event: Filed on Tuesday, March 03, 2009 7:55 AM

Buddy Nevin’s Blog gives the grim new for the Sentinel…and non- computer users who like to read the Government Public Notices each …..that the Legislature will go for free announcements on annexation,  budget meetings, ordinances and such…only online…

Faithful readers will continue to see them here….

more to come…….

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