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FROM A PREVIOUS POST….(Marc Furth at the 6/16/09 MPSC)

‘Marc-” I don’t think that’ gonna happen either, but what could happen though and I’ve been bringing this up since I was a commissioner you can take more of that area and cordon off. You can take the front of that pavilion. Take the um, light pole out and you can take it all the way up to where um, the very western boundary lines of both the pier and Aruba and have them enter in that area, okay and I actually talked to Marchelos brothers a long time ago about that and they were interested in it and also um, um I talked to Peggy about it and they were interested in it because that whole area in front there could be all pedestrian. You could have bollards in front of it to keep people from going any further and the turn around would just be more west. You know and, and it would be a little more area in front of it. But I know that Peggy’s never gonna want it shut down that whole area for parking, I mean for valet.”

Paul told him you have to put the cars somewhere….

Marc-” But maybe we could make it a little bit bigger, you know It could be a place where you could stop and park and let somebody out to go to the beach and pick them up.”

BC- Last year…at this same time Marc would go to the pre-pavilion area and talk of his idea too many times to count with the July 4th committee/ volunteers……It was a topic that was discussed by him the previous summer as well, heard by this writer……So when the pavilion was finally built and the street in front was addressed as an afterthought with the median cut back ( much less than expected) with the Town Manager/ Vice Mayor¬† feigning ignorance on this Furth concept to Comm. Dodd on the dais asking the questions because it was he who was standing alongside Marc last year hearing this very plan …¬† this evening it was verified as fact! …..HMMM…’

Dear Readers….the “Gang of 3” and their co-horts can only give cover to the Town Manager for so long for her inferior handling of the Beach Pavilion (previous posts)…It was the Manager….who unilaterally decided to make decisions on the pavilion…with no updates presented to or input asked from the commissioners….And here we are today….Will there be a review question on her actions brought up at the commission round table meeting on June 30th at 7 pm….only if Comm. Dodd asks it!…

More sights….of the pavilion area pitfalls….in our predictable Florida inclement weather…

more to come….

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