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Here’s The Scoop…Piggyback…A Manager Performance Review…

“skin like a turtle’s back”…..a quote from Vice Mayor McIntee…3/15/09…CIC Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting…opening remarks…(previous post)

BC-We “piggyback” off of Fort Lauderdale all the time…courtesy of Town Manager Colon…Time to “piggyback once more…with the annual performance review required per her contract…Fort Lauderdale Commissioners will do one/Deerfield Beach will do one….and Pompano Beach will do one…for their Town/City Managers in 2009……

Will LBTS only provide a CIC- McIntee orchestrated parade…to thwart one?…Looks like something must be amiss to fight so hard to stop it!…

From the Sentinel……..

‘Is Fort Lauderdale City Manager George Gretsas toast?

The rumormongers are working in overdrive over the possibility that tomorrow won’t just be the last day for the mayor and three city commissioners. Some are saying it will be City Manager George Gretsas’s last day as well.

Why? Because two of the winners of the Fort Lauderdale City Commission elections, Charlotte Rodstrom and Bruce Roberts, made a lot of strong statements against Gretsas. Rodstrom called for him to resign before. And Roberts quit as police chief last spring because he said Gretsas was a micromanager.’
‘Romney Rogers, another new face on the Commission starting tomorrow, could cast the third vote. But would he? Asked about the manager’s performance in a questionnaire, Rogers credited Gretsas with building the city’s reserves, and said what happens with him “going forward … will be up to the next Commission to decide.” Hmmm.’

full text link below….

BC- The required Manager performance review should be an agenda item to be voted on by our commission to be on the record ….for the voters….

more to come………

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