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Here’s The Scoop…Open Letter….. Response To Happy Vasil…

Dear Happy,

I read with great interest your letter to the Mc-Furth Times. I find it most interesting since you have told me in the past you do not have a computer.

I also find it interesting because the words I wrote were the facts, and were witnessed by all when you stood at the podium in speaking to John Olinzock, saying “What a man!”…bringing forth a room full of laughter…

I would also like you to recall that I stood by you when you had your trees removed, and you were beside yourself with grief over their removal and the pain you experienced when you believed then- Comm. McIntee and Comm. Silverstone and their promises made to you on the Seagrape Sidewalks. I took all your calls when you were dealing with your neighbors, after these two Commissioners turned around and let you down. I was there for you when you dealt with the Town staff, the botched tree removals, and the anger you expressed along with your sorrow.

I wrote a letter of thanks for you at your request for you to copy and deliver to the Town Administration.

I implored you to step up to campaign in your area for candidates Clottey and Dodd despite your misgivings over what had transpired with Comm. McIntee and Silverstone.

I took your calls and listened when you were furious at Cristie Furth and her interference over the Yanni signs put on your lawn. You said you feared for the properties you own in town.

So Happy,  I am standing behind the Marchelos brothers who I feel are being treated as you once were, unfairly…Only this time it is on a much larger scale than your treasured palm trees,  because it involves their livelihood, their businesses.

Don’t be afraid of the Mc-Furths…this time next year they will no longer be in charge.


NOTE TO READERS….I will take the “facts” and Truth” challenge everytime…For I do print the facts, I do print the truth and if there is something incorrect, unlike the Mc-Gang it is quickly rectified.

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