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Here’s The Scoop….Only PRINTING One Side……


published the following e-mail to Commissioner Dodd….here is the e-mail.(per Comm. Dodd) and his response e-mail…


From: Bob Roberts
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2009 10:35 PM
To: Stuart Dodd
Subject: Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting

March 15, 2009

Commissioner Dodd,

I understand you were concerned as to whether my husband, or I, could be fair in our roles as moderators for this evening s,  Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting .   Rather you should have been more concerned in regard to your own behavior.  Passing out your flyers (selectively) to some of the audience, but not to the staff,nor to the other commissioners was in clear violation of the rules set forth for the evenings event.  Our  bad  was that we didn’t pick up quickly enough to stop the distribution.  You showed disrespect for everyone present by perpetrating your little coup, especially to your fellow commissioners.

In another show of poor taste, you also went after our fine VFD once again.  Why the vendetta?  Our VFD continues to do an excellent job and if part of the training for young recruits is to go along on calls, hooray!

Seems like a fine way to familiarize all firemen with neighborhoods, street names and any note worthy land marks in town. !

Please, give it a rest and let s see more respect and an effort to get along so the Commission Business can be done more efficiently.

Sincerely Adrienne & Bob Roberts


From: Stuart Dodd
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2009 11:28 PM
To: ‘Bob Roberts’
Subject: meeting

After the treatment at the last CIC event that I voluntarily attended who could be blamed for having doubts as to anyone’s ability to control a hostile crowd. The distribution of the handouts was left to my wife and she sends her apologies for the oversight. I include a copy as an attachment.   I had asked Cristie for a copy of the rules or format for the meeting and there was nothing to the effect that Handouts were not permitted.  I haven’t seen anywhere in the bylaws of the CIC where it states handouts are not permitted.  If you don’t want handouts then perhaps you need to warn non-CIC members that there are to be absolutely no handouts.  It was not a coup or a show of disrespect for my fellow commissioners.  Am I being disrespectful if they choose to come ill prepared and I choose to waste about 4 hours of my life putting together my speeches and a handout for the benefit of explaining my position regarding the VFD’s present policy.  I will await the inevitable accident where someone will get hurt rushing to a non emergency medical call and then I will get absolutely no satisfaction when the policy is changed since it could have been avoided. It is not a vendetta – read the handout with an open mind and then tell me it is a vendetta.  I have personally spoken to the Chief several times over this issue and I choose to use any way open to me as a commissioner to try to change a policy that is frankly wrong.  I would have hoped you as an educated person can see the error in this policy.  I believe the VFD should go to every conceivable call where their help might be required but they do not need to go on all medical calls. I have been the mover to try to bring the commissioners closer together with “round tables” but met with resistance.  I believe the commission has much more important issues to discuss than the continuing personal battle between Jerry and the owners of the pier over the parking lot, pier sign, pier lease agreement, greenfest.  That’s my opinion.
Have a great holiday
Stuart Dodd


Volunteer Fire Department – Commissioner Dodd’s position

March 15th

Finally I get a chance to address the organization that I represented as president and fought the battles to get two commissioners elected.  The very same organization that currently feels I’m a traitor, turncoat and should be driven out of town.  How many of you believe I’m against the VFD?    I wonder

Well let me first state I am 100 % behind the men who make up the VFD.  Let me also state I haven’t changed one inch on one single election promise I made to this organization or the voters since I was elected.  I had my own agenda and I have steadfastly stuck to it.

My current difference of opinion is with the leadership of the VFD since I’m on record as wanting the most professional Volunteer Fire Department in the whole of South Florida and I’m prepared to give them the tools to do it.

I’m elected to represent all of you to the best of my ability – which means making sure public money is not waste and I am held accountable for public safety.

Three years ago I knew nothing about fire departments, AMR, BSO, ambulance etc., etc.,
BSO had to run this town with one fire engine with cross trained paramedics and one ambulance with qualified medical staff in order to meet the requirement of treating and transporting any patient to hospital.  The same model is used by many neighboring municipalities, Ft.Lauderdale, Pompano and others – one engine and one ambulance – 5 men in total .
Now lets look at LBTS – We have a contract for all medical calls to be treated with two ambulances – one from Holy Cross and one from town.  There are your 5 trained personnel at every ambulance call.  They get to just about any medical emergency in this town in less than 4 minutes.
I have repeatedly asked when are the VFD going to stop going on ALL medical calls –Certain categories such as cardiac arrest, traffic accidents I believe it is essential they are dispatched and it’s up to the leadership to discuss those categories with the 911 dispatch centre.  Stop going to  ALL non essential medical calls – that is Jelly fish stings, people in public places feeling faint , tripped up and possibly bleeding.  Currently the VFD go on ALL medical calls and that’s wrong in my book.  That means if 31 members turn up at the station once the pager goes off the VFD pay $310.00.  It’s $10.00 per man even if the engine is cancelled before it leaves the station.  I would support raising it to $15.00 if they stopped going on unnecessary calls.   This would actually achieve a saving since the call volume would drop by more than 50%.

We have VFD members rushing to get to the station quickly, taking the large fire truck around our small streets, sirens going following AMR to non essential medical call. Very few calls get cancelled before the truck leaves the station but the men still get paid for turning up.

You are paying for this service – if the VFD underbid the contract they will run out of money.  The commission will then be approached for more money and if they can afford to continue with the present scheme then the contract bid was too high but  we are all paying for this – make no mistakes – It is coming out of our taxes.  The decision to go on every medical call has been made by the chief, deputy and the membership for reasons now held confidential since outsiders are no longer welcome at their meetings.  Does it make any sense – no it doesn’t.  Until there is an accident I’m afraid the status quo will continue since I have very little faith that the leadership of the VFD will consider stopping going on all medical calls and paying some of the money saved to the members who patrol our beaches. I supported the VFD because I believed that the men who form it do a superb job every bit as good as the professionals at a more economic figure – I still do given the right leadership.
Now, how many of you want the two ambulances, a fire truck and command vehicle to go to every medical call irrespective of the cost?  We, the citizens are paying for it through our taxes; it’s coming out of yours and my pocket.   In my opinion – the VFD should only go on those categories of calls where they might conceivably be needed to assist but they should stop going to ALL medical calls.

Am I a lone voice of reason?  Am I against the VFD – ABSOLUTELY NOT just their current policy?

Stuart Dodd

BC- A previous post in the civic organization category will show what occurred at this CIC Town Hall Meeting …poorly attended by CIC members…showing no turnout from non- members in the town..albeit Commissioner Dodd, his wife, Mayor Minnet, The BCbythesea Hubby and this writer…(one additional correction to that post….Commissioner “Jimmy” Silverstone’s Fiance’ Peggy informed this writer she has never and will never be a CIC member wanting to set the record straight on St. Patty’s Day….OUCH!)…which should tell you something about where the next election is heading…Can they win only printing one side?…..

more to come……..

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