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Here’s The Scoop…March 26,2009….LBTS “S.W.A.T. Team Event”……



Dear Readers…..

The BSO Incident Report was obtained by this writer from the LBTS-BSO ….Followed By The BTSTimes “News Flash” Account…And A Reader’s E-Mail…

NOTE: No names of  those involved other than BSO/Suspect will be will be posted by this writer in the incident report…


Narrative by BSO Officer Thomas Palmer …(Sgt. Palmer spoke to this writer…previous post … scoop category )…

‘ On March 26,2009 at approximately 1858 hours ‘(6:58 pm)’ I received a phone call via the Broward Sheriff’s Office Lauderdale by the Sea supervisor’s cell phone. Person-reporting Ms. X advised that a neighbor “Anthony” was screaming and yelling outside of the building and that he left the area on foot carrying “knives” in each hand and was last seen walking towards the beach. I immediately relayed the information to Broward’s Sheriff’s office Communications Center via radio. Deputy Harry Joseph #6908 responded to the beach area in attempt to locate the subject. I responded to 4145 Bougainvilla Drive #1 and made contact with person reporting Ms. X.  Ms. X. advised me that a neighbor that resides at 4141 Bougainvilla Drive #4 Known only as “Anthony” (W/M wearing blue shirt, light shorts, dark hair) was in the front yard of the residence when he began screaming  and yelling the causing a disturbance. Ms. X. then stated she observed the the suspect ” Anthony” leave the residence on foot carrying a knife in each hand heading towards the beach. Ms X. advised that “Anthony” did not threaten to harm anyone with the knives, nor did her threaten to harm himself with the weapons. Ms. X. stated that he appeared to be “out of it” and possibly mentally disturbed. Ms. X. then pointed at a green 2000 Mercury Sable (NY tag #xxxxxxx) parked in front of the residence and she advised that vehicle belongs to “Anthony”. Within minutes Deputy Joseph advised he observed a white male matching the description of the subject walking on the beach towards the Pier. I responded to the area to back-up prior to contacting the possibly armed subject. Deputy Joseph lost sight of the subject on the beach. I then received an additional call from Ms. X. who advised “Anthony ” had returned to his apartment and was currently inside.Deputies Sosa, Alverez-Jacinto, Joseph and I attempted to contact the subject at apartment #4. As we attempted to make contact I heard an extremely loud “bang” that sounded like a large traffic crash in the area. I ran to Bougainvilla Drive and observed a green Mercury Sable fleeing the are northbound on on Bougainvilla Drive. I additionally observed approximately 10-15 people pointing at the vehicle shouting “that’s him, he just did it!” Fearing the vehicle was involved in a hit and run accident I caught up to the vehicle and immediately realized that  the vehicle was related to the armed, possibly mentally disturbed man we were investigating.’ He found the vehicle was registered to the subject “I then attempted to make a traffic stop utilizing my marked unit #9210 with lights and sirens activated.The suspect proceeded southbound from  the 4300 block of A1A. The suspect approached a red traffic light at Imperial Lane and A1A and slowed and appeared as he was going to stop for law enforcement. The suspect proceeded to disobey the red light and proceed southbound on A1A. As the suspect approached an additional red light at NE 41 street and A1A I requested Broward Sheriff’s office Dispatch Center  to notify the Fort Lauderdale Police Department that subject was heading into their jurisdiction. The suspect then ran the red light at NE 41 street and made a u-turn and began traveling northbound. As the subject turned northbound he immediately entered a residential are that only has “dead-end” cul-de-sacs. Fearing the subject may “bail out” of the vehicle and flee on foot I entered the residential neighborhood and observed the suspect travel westbound on Imperial Lane.The suspect proceeded to turn around at the cul-de-sac and began traveling “head-on” into my lane causing me to be in fear of my life and forcing me to take evasive action (driving onto the front yard of a residence) at approximately the 200 block of Imperial Lane. After the suspect drove at me he attempted to strike Deputy Alverez- Jacinto “head-on” and also caused him to take evasive action in fear of his life. The suspect proceeded to travel eastbound on Imperial Lane, make a left turn onto northbound A1A and returned to residence located at 4141 Bougainvilla Drive. Ms. X.advised that she observed the suspect exit his vehicle and enter apartment #4. ‘ Another witness told the officer he faced the suspects rear door and the suspect he did not see the suspect exit. “An inner-perimeter was established and numerous attempts were made to contact suspect (knocking, loud speaker) with negative results. I additionally requested additional units from neighboring BSO jurisdictions to respond in reference to outer-perimeter, crime scene integrity, and crowd control. While on scene I was approached by victim Mr. Y. who advised that a green vehicle with New York license plates willfully and maliciously rear ended his 2006 Lamborghini xxxxxx. The victim advised that while traveling northbound on A1A he was rear ended while traveling northbound at the 4100 block of A1A. Mr. Y advised that the vehicle continually struck him fro behind at a high rate of sped  causing him and his girlfriend to fear for their lives. Mr. Y. advised he attempted to flee from the suspect when he lost control of his vehicle and struck a parked car (a Toyota) Mr. Y. advised the suspect driving the vehicle that law enforcement attempted to stop. The on-scene investigation revealed that the extremely loud “bang” that was heard was the traffic crash involving the Lamborghini.’ A witness approached the officer and stated what he observed , concurring the driver of the Lamborghini’s account. along with foul language shouted at the witnesses and  Mr. Y. They also concurred on the driver going back to his apartment building. ‘I requested Detective Kimberly Pullease #9974 to secure the crash site and conduct a witness canvas. Learning the suspect was possibly armed, possibly mentally disturbed had just committed an aggravated battery on the two occupants of the Lamborghini, had just committed an aggravated assault on two law enforcement officers while fleeing and eluding  had just entered apartment #4 and refused to respond to law enforcement requests to surrender to Broward Sheriff’s Office S.W.A. T team was contacted.Lt. Greg Lees #3693 responded to the scene and took over S.W.A. T. operations at approximately 2030 hours.’ (8:30 pm) ‘ Lt. Angelo Cedeno #5914 additionally responded to the scene. After numerous demands for the suspect to surrender the S.W.A.T. team forcibly entered the residence. The suspect was contacted and Deputy R. Braga #13901 deployed his electronic control device’ (Taser) ‘ after the suspect would not comply with verbal commands ‘ ‘ The S.W.A.T. team apprehended arrestee Anthony Mancuso.’ Two officers transported him to Imperial Point hospital for medical attention due to using the taser. After he was medically cleared he was transported to Pompano Beach Detention Center for processing. Two Aggravated Felonies Detectives  from the BSO came afterward to take over the investigation along with a Sgt. and Detective from BSO crime scene for processing the scene. Sgt. Palmer directed another Deputy to canvass the beach area to locate any hidden weapons and additional physical evidence, results were negative. Deputy Craig Jacobson the same BSO officer that helped VM McIntee put out the fire the day before …secured the perimeter and had the suspects car towed for evidence.

The BTSTimes “News Flash”……

Sent out as a newsflash by Town/VFD/ BTSTimes photog – Editor Marc Furth …

It described the following  happening Thursday night  3/ 26 a call was made to the  BSO  from a neighbor who saw a man leaving the Janey Apartments, 4141 S. Bougainvilla Drive, wielding two knives in his hands as he was, heading  toward the beach. Anthony Mancuso, on vacation at the Janey Apartments. Bystanders said that the Police had been to the this apartment days earlier by the neighbors who complained about Mancuso.   They said the  Police made a preliminary investigation but they could not  do anything  at that point.The neighbors related that when  Thursday night call came in the police knew who Mancuso was and where he lived.People reportedly said one BSO officer went looking for Mancuso on the beach and another went in and searched  his  home.  People on the scene relayed that , Mancuso eluded the  two officers,  and returned  back into his apartment, retrieving his car keys and jumped in his green car heading  into Ft. Lauderdale with the  Police in pursuit. Mancuso then turned around and sped back to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea on A1A  where he was slowed down by a brand new $500,000 Lamborghini.  Mancuso rammed the rear of the Lamborghini , lifting the car.  The Lamborghini’s driver attempted to  speed up and lost control, crossing the road and crashing into a parked car in the Leisure East parking lot.Mancuso was going north on Bougainvilla.  A  driver, who witnessed the activity, used his SUV to stop Mancuso’s vehicle. Mancuso turned around and parked in front of his home , running  inside.   The BSO brought in their Swat team, k-9 unit, helicopters, The VFD were there.  Snipers were on the roof of the Leisure East  and around the Janey Apartment building.  BSO used their  loud speaker to talk to  Mancuso wanting him to surrender. It didn’t work. Explosions could be heard as tear gas canisters were shot through a window  and a door of his unit to force him out.Mancuso emerged and was handcuffed and arrested.


E-mail…from a reader…

> Read your account of the incident last night across from the chamber
> and I felt I must respond. A very good friend of mine shared with me a
> different view of what transpired.  She was at the new pavilion about
> 6pm when she was standing next to a BSO officer when she heard him say
> he had the suspect in sight over his
>  radio. She then said a man was
> walking on the beach and came across a young black couple and he said
> some very nasty words to them and then he said he was going to kill
> them. She made a comment to the BSO officer about this but he was busy
> on his radio. Then the man turned around and walked off. I later heard
> he walked all the way back to his room were he was captured. But not
> before he was able to get in his car and tried to make a run for it.
> BSO chased him down a one way road and somehow he escaped and went
> back to AIA and then he hit the other car which then hit others in a
> lot. Then he made it back to his apartment and locked himself in.
> Just thought you’d like to know what was told you doesn’t seem to fit
> with the people I talked too. This seemed to have started at about
> 6pm.

BC- The inconsistencies…

BSO Incident Report- ‘After numerous demands for the suspect to surrender the S.W.A.T. team forcibly entered the residence. The suspect was contacted and Deputy R. Braga #13901 deployed his electronic control device’ (Taser) ‘ after the suspect would not comply with verbal commands ‘ ‘ The S.W.A.T. team apprehended arrestee Anthony Mancuso.’

Marc Furth BTSTimes “News Flash”-‘ BSO used their  loud speaker to talk to  Mancuso wanting him to surrender. It didn’t work. Explosions could be heard as tear gas canisters were shot through a window  and a door of his unit to force him out.Mancuso emerged and was handcuffed and arrested.’

The time…BSO states 6:58 for the call  that was logged in……….The e-mail from reader asserts 6 pm being told by a friend…

Spot any others?….

more to come….

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