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This week …Bender is on the mark with “backup” materials…and staff …we again see LBTS parallels!…

Mayor demands staff performance

‘It’s almost as if City Hall wants to keep the Commissioners and the residents completely in the dark – so that the Staff won’t have to be answerable for their miscues.

Providing timely and complete back up materials is part of the function of the City Staff, and when that doesn’t happen, the Staff clearly is not doing its job.’…..

‘Accountability happens in private industry, all the time and at all levels; it should happen in government. When people do not fulfill their responsibilities, they should be held accountable. It all stems from leadership – or the lack thereof. I have always believed that any organization succeeds from the bottom up and fails from the top down. Remember what we have as our City Manager.
Oh yes – regarding the fulfillment of responsibilities and accountability – that applies to elected officials, too.’

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