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The BTSFuture’s is out…and the Explosive issue I thought was in the coming…was not quite the “firestorm” I was expecting….

Did they “flinch”?…

Did they buy into the veiled threats of a lawsuit from the Vice Mayor?   (previous post…3/25/09 LBTS agenda/meetings category)

Or is the paper trying to be PC…at least on the front page?…

This writer knows that times are hard for print journalism…high costs…and limited advertising revenue…But Jeez…Editor Brown…you had the FEC investigative report…and put in a few of the discrepancies ( for more …previous post…scoops category…FEC investigation)…below the fold…It’s your front page “header” that’s got me rattled!…

I can just see it now…McIntee holding up the “Two Commissioners Cleared” …claiming victory to his minions…that you “flinched”…you “balked” at his dais “salvos”…then swiftly pulling the copy away…before anyone has a chance to read page 5…with the much more credible “header”…”MCINTEE AND SILVERSTONE ESCAPE GUILY VERDICT”…..

I am hoping Dear Editor…that you are well aware of this “move”…and it was a tactical …in it’s nature…that you, yourself.. still might be a “seeker” of the truth and in the throes of following through with  the “invitation” offered up to you by the Investigator in her her conclusions…

I am counting on the former Commissioner from the north end of town…to follow suit and carry on calling attention to the FL. Ethics Commission of the defiant acts seen from this Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief in a follow-up ethics complaint…For those “invitations” were included in those reports as well…With the self-proclaimed  “untouchable” 2-Hat” wearing “enforcer”…opening the door  for a repeat……He’s on record with back-up materials for purchasing on behalf of the VFD….on video announcing his purchase for the latest VFD $11,000 pumper truck…and should be watched for voting on the VFD while his son is gainfully employed by the department as a Training Officer…benefiting from the Vice Mayor’s votes….

Don’t get me wrong…the story was fine…and the rest of the “hard hitting” articles…were what those not drinking the Kool-aid have come to expect…but this below the fold headline…in this writer’s opinion was a major misstep!…

Also of note…The Pavilion…in trouble…still so many “loose ends”…frantic to make it appear all is well by Monday night at 7 pm…YEP…7 PM…not 5!…..Along with the excellent points for lifeguards …and the recap of our loss of Scot Fowler…(due to McIntee’s ego and no one within the department to stand up to him)…Editor Geesey…using John Lennon….in her  “Give Peace A Chance” editorial…HMMM….Future’s Editorial…John Lennon/ BTSTimes Editorial George Carlin!…(Flashback!) ….Wonderful inclusion by Yann Brandt…a young innovative LBTS resident…who was “knocked” around by Clottey/Silverstone and McIntee…who only deal in “targets” and “personalities”….never the issues…of late…Lots of non-political additions…cooking…travel (Doc Lawrence)…community…wellness…giving it a well rounded “feel”…and two surprising additions….. “Kudos” to AMR from Publisher Arker…for the fine care and follow-up he received …(With a tip that this writer will act on…to be McIntee free within the confines of my abode…I have on record a notice sent last November to the VFD/AMR that McIntee is not allowed near my family…at either residence…for medical calls…but just as Michael Arker has done I will also provide this permanent instruction at my front security desk…better safe than sorry…)…and the kicker…the Letter to the Editor…from Louis Marchelos…contained on page 4….. a copy is below….(We hear the Town Manager has sent a memo to the Commissioners and instructed staff to not speak to them…on anything…Another act that shows clearly this Town Manager is in way over her head!)…Take a look!..Then see for yourselves…Readers why every Commissioner should be voting for an Annual Town Manager Performance Review!…


The Letter….

‘Open Letter to The Town Manager
Dear Mrs. Colon,
I had set a meeting for a 12 p.m.  yesterday, March 31st  with the understanding
that I would be informed if there was any problem. Not being informed otherwise, I appeared in Town Hall  with my engineer and attorney to discuss the basis for the execution of the fence blocking the southern egress from the Pier Parking Lot and the unsigned list of requirements we received from the Town and Chen & Associates as requirements for the removal of the fence. You were not in your office and your assistant was placed in the uncomfortable position of explaining that it was our obligation to confirm the meeting. You arrived some time later and provided me with an additional copy of the Chen & Associates letter which by the way, Shaun at Chen says it’s not totally his work.
Today, I called to reschedule the meeting without my lawyer thus eliminating one of your objections and eliminating your need to have the Town’s Attorney attend thus eliminating a large cost to the Town. My reward for this reasonable action was an uncomfortable response from your assistant saying that you would only schedule a meeting with my company only by written request. Let no good deed go unpunished.
Now, Shaun, the engineer from Chen & Associates states that they have been instructed not to speak with my engineer. Yesterday, Jeff Bowman had instructed our engineer to make contact with Shaun. Who instructed Chen & Associates not to speak to my representative? This action is in direct violation with the commission vote to re-open the southern egress from the Pier lot. This is at best obstruction and at worst a part of a pervasive effort on the part of one commissioner to destroy my business and to drive me out of the Town. Your continual pandering to this commissioner either makes you and the Town a party to these actions or a Town Manager who lacks the strength to stand up to a Bully. I ask you to answer the following  questions:
1. Why did you obtain copies of the Pier lease for a certain
unnamed commissioner ?
2. Why do you permit a commissioner to instruct code enforcement
in violation of the Town code?
3. How many private meetings have you had with  Vice-Mayor Mcintee which the management of the Town and enforcement of the code was discussed?
4. Who instructed Chen & Associates not to cooperate in the will of the commission as expressed in its 4-1 vote with only the Vice-Mayor Mcintee voting in the negative?
There are too many incidents to enumerate here. I think you have to ask yourself if you need help in dealing with a rogue commissioner. To be frank with you, I can’t figure out if you are a perpetrator or a victim. I think I know what pressure you and other employees of the Town are under. You do many fine things and Town staff act as well as they  are permitted.
Yes, I am annoyed by the discrimination which must stop. Yes, I am an annoyed by the  access and control one commissioner seems to have over Town government sucking the tranquility, peace and good will from the community.
While I am the target now, who knows the next victim. Should you wish to rid this Town of this parasitic condition, I will do what I can to help you. I invite you to reveal the hidden agendas and to bring sunshine to the Town I  love. Let us resolve issues and make this Town the “oasis”it should be.
Thank You, Louis Marchelos
Fishermen’s Pier’

Final thought…make sure to scroll down to the 2 FEC  McIntee/ Silverstone posts…and make sure you get the message out…pay heed to the “header” on the BTSFuture’s page 5…because that one….really says it all!

more to come……..

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