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Here’s The Scoop…LBTS Comprehensive Plan …Objection,Recommendation,Comments


Some items of Interest…..

1. Future Land Use Element…

Objection….for an intensity standard for Commercial land use. category……percentage of distribution among uses within the mixed use residential category…

Recommendation….that the Town establish policies within the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive plan or revise existing policies…include density and intensity standards for Commercial land use category….new policy should be included that identifies types of land uses allowed and the percentage distribution of uses within the Mixed Use Residential land use category…

Revision proposed….provide information to limit density and intensity ( the maximum number of floors) in non-residential uses of commercial and Mixed Use land use categories…

Capital Improvement Element…

Objection…5 year Capital Improvement Program identifies capital projects including several sanitary sewer improvements . Town has not however, indicated the projects needed to achieve or maintain the adopted level of service. In addition, the applicable funding sources to be dedicated for each project were not listed or referenced in the schedule….

Recommendation…provide the data and analysis …schedule of capital improvements…. if more than one funding source will be used….the amount of funding for each source must be identified for each year….funding sources for the first three years must be committed sources…funding sources for years four and five can be committed or planned revenue…

Revisions proposed…Commission may revise the project listing and or schedule in subsequent years. Information will be added to the text of both the Comprehensive Plan …Comprehensive Improvement Implementation Section and in the Capital Improvement Element Support Documentation….


Objection #3…Town’s future Transportation Map identifies State Road A1A and Commercial Blvd. as evacuation routes, however the Town has not identified how these evacuation routes connect to the regional evacuation system located outside the Town….

Recommendation…Florida Transportation System Map…should be revised to include connections between evacuation routes in the Town and the evacuation routes in the county and the region, such as I-95…

Revision Proposed….in the Support Document of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan will be updated to reflect the 2008 Regional Hurricane Shelters in the vicinity of commercial Blvd.

Housing Element…

Objection….The Town has not used the best available data in assessing current housing condition…

Recommendations…Town should revise using best data available…

Revision Proposed…The majority of the Support Document for the Town’s comprehensive Plan was based on available information in 2003…At this point in time, the U S Census information was not fully available and the town’s boundaries were significantly revised in 2002 with the Intercoastal Beach Area annexation. The Town is also challenged and was successful in revising the total population, the total housing units and the vacant housing units within the 2000 Town limits. The Census housing data however was not revised based on the corrected counts. The Town’s challenge involved 924 units representing 39% of the total units in 2000.

Selected information was obtained for the 2006 Evaluation and appraisal Report…..including Table 2- Resident population in Town and surrounding Cities…

It is available in select areas….it is not avaiable for the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea….

Consistency With Chapter 187,F.S., State Comprehensive Plan

The proposed amendment is inconsistent with the following provision of Chapter 187, F. S.,

Sec 187.201 (6)22, Safe evacuation…(Transportation Element Objection #3)

Sec. 187.201 (7) 3,5,9 and 11 availability of adequate water supply….(Capital Improvement Element Objection)

Sec 187.201 (14) 1,2,3, and 4, to ensure safe and affordable housing…( Housing Element Objection)

Sec. 187.201 (15), ensure development occurs in areas with the capacity to serve new populations and commerce (Infrastructure Element Objection)

Sec 187.201 (17) 3,5,6,7, and 9, concerning the availability of public facilities and their ability to serve development in a timely, orderly, and efficient manner (Capital Improvement Element Objection)

Sec. 187.201 (19) 3,9, and 13, regarding the promotion of a comprehensive transportation planning process which coordinates state, regional and local transportation plans (Transportation Element Objections 1,2, and 3)

Sec 187.201 (25) 7, ensure local plans implement and accurately reflect state goals and policies (All Objections)

By addressing the concerns noted in section I, these inconsistencies with Chapter 187, Florida Statutes, can be addressed….

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