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Dear Readers…There have been concerns of what happens if there are further steps taken by the Manager in a move to remove the BSO Police Department from LBTS….included in the LBTS-BSO 2001Agreement is the following….


BSO does hereby acknowledge that TOWN is making this Agreement in reliance upon BSO’s fulfillment of the obligations herein imposed for the full term contemplated herein. Accordingly, TOWN does hereby acknowledge that BSO shall have the right of  termination only for cause attributed to a material breach during the initial term hereof and/or any renewal or extension term hereof.

22.1 TOWN may terminate this Service Agreement as its discretion either with or without cause, by giving written notice thereof to BSO; provided, however, that such termination shall not be effective until the ninety-first (91) day after the receipt thereof by BSO.

22.2 In the event of termination by either party, the other party shall render such aid, coordination and cooperation as might be required for an expedious and efficient termination of service.


23.1 In the event of the termination or expiration hereof, BSO and TOWN shall cooperate in good faith in order to effectuate a smooth and harmonious transition from BSO to a TOWN police department and to maintain during such period of transition the same high quality of police protection otherwise afforded to the residents of the TOWN pursuant to the terms hereof. In the event of such termination or expiration and in the further event that the TOWN is unable to provide the same level of police protection through its own police force at the time of such termination or expiration, the then pending term of this Agreement shall automatically extend upon the same terms and conditions set forth herein (including annual percentage increases not to exceed five percent (5%), as more fully described in Article 11.2 for the shorter of (a) twenty-four (24) months, or (b) at least ninety (90) days after BSO’s receipt of the TOWN’s written notice that it is capable of providing adequate police related service.

23.2 The renumeration’s to be paid to BSO during transition period shall be based upon the actual cost of providing such services during the transition period, but shall not exceed the pro rata cost of the most recent Agreement.

23.3 In the event this Agreement expires or is terminated, BSO and the TOWN will develop a transition plan that will include the transfer of BSO personnel out of the TOWN as the TOWN’s personnel are capable of assuming their respective law enforcement functions. The consideration payable by the TOWN to BSO shall be adjusted to account for reduction of BSO personnel within the TOWN, as that occurs.

BC- So the good news is we will be covered in the event of a termination of the BSO …The bad news…..does  anybody doubt the Mc-Furth/Colon/ “Gang” could  attempt to use the agreement and the possibility of Broward County looking for the Town to pay the additional funds for BSO service to enact the LBTS-McIntee Police Department?…

The residents/ voters and taxpayers must let it be known …if their desire is to keep the BSO Police ….at this juncture in the 2009-10 budget process….

The resident/voters and taxpayers must let the LBTS-BSO Police Department know they must stay in place until March 2010…when the “broom-boys” will be voted out and the Town Manager will either resign or be terminated…assuring this town will indeed be provided with the CONTINUED high quality of police protection afforded to to the residents of LBTS….

THE SENTINEL….June 29,2009….


‘The budget war being waged between Broward County commissioners and Sheriff Al Lamberti has suddenly left 14 municipalities caught in the crossfire.

A county audit found those communities pay the Broward Sheriff’s Office about $14.4 million less than they should for law enforcement and, in some cases, fire services. In response, the county ordered Lamberti to collect more or face additional funding cuts.

“It’s a fairness issue,” said County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman.

At the same time, the Broward City County Management Association, which represents Broward’s 32 local governments, says it may hire a consultant to review the county’s audit and determine how much, if anything, the cities owe the Sheriff’s Office.

Since this spring, Broward commissioners and Lamberti have been locked in a dispute over how much to cut from his $722.1 million budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year, which begins in October.

The county has sought $54 million in cuts, but county budget analysts said Lamberti had proposed $10 million, including closing the old stockade jail and laying off 177 employees.

The Sheriff’s Office said their proposed budget cuts are worth closer to $35.7 million. The sheriff says deeper cuts would jeopardize public safety.

County officials have long raised the issue of cutting subsidies to contract municipalities. This year’s deficit prompted county auditors to take a closer look. Auditors pinpointed how much the municipalities were receiving and found the sums varied widely.

According to figures provided by County Auditor Evan Lukic, at the high end the county covers 21 percent of the $3.8 million cost of providing roughly 30 police employees to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. At the low end, the county pays 3 percent of the $39.8 million cost of providing 323 police employees to Pompano Beach.

full text link below….,0,3957513.story

REMINDER….call and send e-mails to your Commissioners/ Town Administration and BSO Police….

ROUND TABLE MEETING…TOWN MANAGER REVIEW…..7 PM JARVIS HALL….TUES. 6/30/09…televised/ online …(link above)…


more to come…….

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