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Here’s The Scoop…LBTS …2/10/09… Commission Meeting… #4…Feeling Unprepared….


It must be extremely frustrating for the Vice Mayor…to repeatedly be left in the dust…by the preparation of his fellow Commissioner to his left….Commissioner Dodd….

McIntee has shown his insecurities before…He did it at the first pre-meeting Comm. Dodd called for on the dais…where he actually said at the start of the meeting that Dodd was making him look bad by coming with written notes…

Must have been the reason he was in no hurry to have a second pre-meeting…no matter that it could have settled many growing problems this dais has seen over the months between the first and the second…finally taking place as a Commission Round Table meeting in January of this year….

Quite a few instances of the Vice Mayor’s feeling inadequate have been glaringly apparent throughout the meetings over this last year……Whenever Comm. Dodd reads from his notes…on topics that call the Vice Mayor…the VFD or the Administration to task…thus doing his job…fulfilling his duty to his constituents…McIntee gets squirmy…leaning back in his chair…leaping forward rubbing his face…providing increasing entertainment for the viewers at home keeping count…playing the “game”…

This meeting was the latest show of the Vice Mayor’s dissatisfaction with Comm. Dodd’s preparation…on certain topics contained in the agenda…….

After the Old Business discussion on 15 a…. the Vice Mayor’s return of his tabled Sept. 12,2008 item for referendum…the VFD  can not being terminated without a vote of the people…based on the City of Cape Canaveral…( backup online…previous post LBTS agenda/meetings category…agenda 2/10/09) in which Comm. Dodd had some prepared notes on his stance… He felt a referendum was not the correct way to deal with the VFD…and a vote being required to terminate the VFD was wrong…wanting this proposed agenda item “tabled indefinitely”……(it will be discussed at a May 13,2009 workshop at 7 pm)…

BC- “Tabled indefinitely”…those must have been “fightin’ words” to McIntee….because…..

Before moving on…..there was the following exchange……

Vice Mayor-“Can I ask the Town Attorney a question? Point of order Mayor, if you don’t mind. When somebody reads a document word for word, is that now Town record? From the dais.”

Town Attorney-” The record is created by whom?”

VM-” Well if I’m reading something I created word for word to present it to the community is that Town record?”

TA-” Well it depends if it meant to permanently record your recollection or not you can make rough notes even rough notes from which you make a speech and if you don’t intend it to permanently record your thoughts it does not become a public record.”

VM-“We’re getting a lot of ah, statements read verbatim and then I try and go back and I’d like copies of those. Am I entitled to copies of those if they’re reading them verbatim?”

TA-” Well if it’s not circulated to other people in the Town and if it was not intended to permanently record recollection then it probably has not become a public record at that point.”If it’s shown to another Town Official or if it is meant to become a permanent recollection then it becomes a public record.”

VM-” So if I type up a dissertation and read it that’s not a Town record?”

TA-” Not if you don’t intend to preserve the notes to preserve your permanent recollection, no.”

VM-Okay, that’s my question”

BC- Keep up the good work Comm. Dodd…your preparation is welcome by all you represent……

more to come…..

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