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Here’s The Scoop….LBTS 1/27/08 Commission Meeting …cont. 1/28/09…”I Have A Problem With That”…


Commissioner Comments
Do you have a problem with that?

I arrived at last Thursday’s commission meeting to find a room filled with Palm Club residents.  I did not receive any prior notification they would be present or that it had been agreed to place their item on the agenda as an “Emergency”.  I now hear a memo  was placed in my mailbox that very morning – Yes I have a problem with that.    Washington has some funds for projects that are ready to go and staff is prepared to move forward as the project was near the permitting stage.  There was nothing to tell me why the residents were at the meeting and who had assured them the right to speak.  After some thought I have three problems with that – firstly why are we bending over to help a Co-operative that is intending to bring legal action against the town?  Secondly has anyone ascertained whether the government funding is available for projects on private land.   Thirdly – On whose authority was this designated an “Emergency” and who assured the residents they would be given the right to speak? – Yes I have a problem with that.

When I hear the ATV is broken and out of action and I get told “routine maintenance” and not even the town manager knows about it –Doesn’t sit well with me so –  yes I have a problem with that.

When I hear a report that someone is driving one of the VFD vehicles while on a cell phone, no seat belt with the lights going and on the way to a medical call – yes I have a problem with that.  Is the town liable if the vehicle crashes?

When I ask the town manager a simple question – Who changed the pavilion from walls to no walls, bathrooms to no bathrooms and no plumbing and I don’t get a straight answer – Commission on Such & Such date –or Town staff because …..Yes I have a problem with that.

When I find the Vice mayor taking up staff time to try to answer my question to the town manager.    His answer July 8th did actually raise more questions since it appeared only the mayor knew of the change – Yes I have a problem with that.

When I go to see the town manager on Monday to go through the agenda and there is no mention of taking up the commission’s time with something that does not represent the answer to the question – A picture of the 1991 pavilion – Yes I have a problem with that.

When no-one on this Dias can come up with the date or meeting where we all discussed the pavilion and the changes in the plans and the changes in the contract with the correct back-up material because it never happened – Yes I have a problem with that.  As a systems analyst the only other conclusion is the Town staff made that decision and Yes I have a big problem with that!.
Are staff going to make big decisions again without reference – is the Sea lord drainage going to slip through, is a building going to get passed with the wrong setbacks, illegal height because of a new interpretation of 33 feet and where that starts relating to the 100 foot flood level– Yes I have a problem with that.

When I find the VFD have totally disregarded their S.O.P.s and/or bylaws and elected the Vice Mayor for deputy chief – Yes I have a problem with that.  Let me also stress I do not have a problem with your  abilities Vice Mayor but the total disregard for your own by-laws.  Yes I have a problem with that.

Why didn’t the town manager bring it to the Dias or at the minimum contact each commissioner since she is a non voting member of the board but instead left it to this commissioner to hear the news from other sources.   Yes I have a problem with that.

I also have problems with the entry sign for video surveillance, the two flag poles instead of one, the town logo and Welcome To  as discussed two weeks ago, the back-up material, the minor mistakes that get made, the lack of communication and I’m expected to go in to the town daily to ask what is the scuttle butt– yes I have a problem with that.
North trade winds petition to resurface the road , Sea grape curb extension when the ex town planner recommended a more economical solution since their drainage problem was self inflicted by their own downspouts – Yes I have a problem with that.

Not allowing a resident the immediate right to reply when accusations have been made by a member of this dais – Yes I have a problem with that

The chair’s ruling last night regarding the right to speak to a specific item on the agenda and the right to call a commissioner by name during public comments – yes I have a problem with both of those decisions.  Both decisions were incorrect if you review the video.
The shutting down of the audience when they are trying to help us not make an error – not recognizing the Reverent George Hunsaker  means we have to go back and revisit the swales – yes I have a problem with that.

I will get answers to my questions  even if I have to go out and do my own research and I can assure you I will continue to ask them  however much you dislike the questions or me.   I will make every effort to try to ensure the correct decision process is being made and that the town is being run in a truly professional manor.   If you have a problem with that then it’s your problem not mine. I’m only trying to do my job as I perceive it to be.

I thank you for listening.


This writer has heard that the Vice Mayor’s / Town Manager’s words on the dais…1/23/09 and 1/28/09 may not be so….He spoke of the Palm Club…at the initial meeting…saying the Manager was already on  top of the grant for Palm Club…with the Manager speaking of the holdup being the public records requests  and the pre-litigation (with Palm Club)……When Commissioner Dodd…”blindsided” by the Palm Club “P.R. stunt” inquired about the matching funds… again the Vice Mayor waved him off about”details”…..When Commissioner Dodd reiterated his concern of getting grants for Palm Club while we were dealing with a possible lawsuit. in his comments above…..the Vice Mayor came out fighting  in his comments (will post later)… campaigning for the “little guy” aka Palm Club and his concern for them being “green”…the audacity of Commissioner  Dodd for not wanting to help them no matter what…the public records/litigation  had nothing to do with helping them get a grant……The Manager stayed mute….

A memo today..( public record)….a response to some of the Commissioners questions…that he has a problem with….

Palm Club…

Question to the Manager.: Palm Club Sewers…’I am getting tired of being blindsided by the town staff over last minute issues. The residents from Palm Club had obviously been told to turn up at the meeting and the item would be placed on the agenda. This was presumably deemed an emergency time by someone on the dais. Who gave the Palm Club assurances that they would be allowed to speak on this item? The Vice Mayor? I did not receive any information on this item as once again it was placed in my mailbox on the day of the meeting and no one had the decency to phone me to give me any idea that there would be a room full of Palm Club residents in attendance to presumably address the commission. I left home at  8 am and did not get back until late afternoon in time to grab something to eat and change. I did not collect my mail  on that day. I was kindly brought to me on the dais- thank you for that.’

‘Response from the Manager: I wrote the memo when Vice Mayor mentioned that he heard of “shoveling In  The Ground Project Funds” was available. I informed him that I was aware of the Stimulus Package but that the only project that meets the criteria is Palm Club sewers. I INFORMED HIM THAT I DID NOT SUBMIT REQUEST TO STATE BECAUSE OF POSSIBLE CONFLICT. Vice Mayor indicated that we should apply for funds and that was going to address issue. When, How and When the Vice Mayor was going to address the “Shoveling  In The Ground Project Funds” was up to his discretion and not mine.’

BC….OUCH!….The Town Attorney should weigh in…and Palm Club voters…..should take note…”details” …seem to get in the way….HMMMM….someone was “micro-managing Town staff….

More to come………….

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