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Here’s The Scoop…JUDY,JUDY,JUDY

Should be in today’s…7/18/08…Pelican….

a story about the CIC/Commissioner Dodd….debacle….

If Judy Vik proves to be forthright…here is what she was working with from some of her investigation….

BCbythesea…knows she reads this site….

An aside….she recently informed this writer….an old friend she hasn’t had contact with for 30 years….found her online….when she put in Judy’s name….and this site popped up…..friendship renewed!….

BCbythesea…in full disclosure….Judy’s husband Ed works for the Sea Ranch Club Condo I reside in……..and he knows the posted scoops….per many brief discussions….

Tuesday 7/15/08….Judy sent an e-mail to Comm. Dodd informing him she was writing an article about his asking for his membership to be suspended or for a sabbatical from the CIC. She went on to inform him that she read both his letters on Barbara Cole’s website. She wanted copies of the letters or confirmation from Stuart that they were posted accurately so she could quote them. She wanted to use portions of them.

Also she included the offer to either contact her by phone to “comment on the furor that has erupted since…..”….and to asked for a response by 5p.m. Wed…..

Her final question….”Is it mainly the Ethics Commission ruling that led you to this decision? Or had you been thinking of doing it before.”….

Well how about that….a reporter for the Pelican….chose to ask Stuart why….before writing anything….

If only his fellow CIC Executive Board members….his “friends”…had done the same….Judy Vik…would have no story to write…..

Commissioner Dodd was kind enough to forward …the response he sent Ms. Vik…. Tues. evening…7/18/08

‘Please find attached the originals from my computer that were sent only to the board of directors of the CIC for their attention. They were not originally written for distribution to the general membership. After being invited to attend on Sunday evening I was asked by Cristie Furth if I was going to read my letters. Cristie told me if I was not prepared to read the letters she would.

At the CIC meeting some months ago I spoke against commission member’s wives being on the board of directors was overruled. I made it known as soon as I was elected that I wanted to discuss the possibility of stepping down from the position of President. I was concerned then and continued to be concerned about the possibility of an ethics conflict. I was asked to remain until the next convenient meeting in order to allow the CIC time to hold an election. I have been wrestling with the moral problem of the political action committee having four out of five commission members sitting in the audience and I felt it would be detrimental to the freedom of the political group. I wrote the first e-mail letter expecting a courtesy phone call to discuss the problem and that did not happen. Historically Cristie Furth and Barbara Cole both tended their resignations during my term as President and both matters were handled in a diplomatic way resulting in both people being re-instated. Subsequently Barbara has resigned for her own reasons. I had truly expected the directors to hold a board meeting to discuss this issue and make a recommendation to the members. Having been a member, then the president,campaigned,collected petitions,run the recall against Mayor Parker and filled out questionnaires on my political positions on everything but the kitchen sink i had expected the directors to see that I had held the organization in very high regard., held their views for the good of our town and was doing my best to represent everyone’s wishes to do the best of my ability. In order not to be seen as indentured to the CIC I chose to ask for a leave of absence which resulted in a rather more permanent solution! I am deeply saddened by the mob mentality, lack of leadership shown by any of the board or members present, disrespect from the CIC person of the year (John McMillan) and another sitting commissioner (Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee) at the meeting as well as disrespect shown me as an elected sitting commissioner.

I have followed up with a call to the Ethics Committee and was told they can not legislate bad practice. It becomes an Ethics problem when the political action committee makes a decision to take legal action, litigation or sue the town since there is immediately a financial link between the actions of the committee and the town’s commissioners. I hold myself to a higher standard and believe there is a moral issue with even being a member of a political action committee and the commissioner in the same town. What’s the good of the fox guarding the hen house? ‘

Many Thanks

If you would like further clarification please do not hesitate to call me.

Stuart Dodd

Ms Vik….called this writer on Wed. 7/16/08…in the afternoon…the timing was quite extraordinary…due¬† the fact I was just finishing up the post…. Scoops…ETHICS….and when asked for a statement…I told Judy…I would give her what I just finished writing….

That any member…should be able to ask for a “leave of absence” ….no reason given….and should be ASSURED that the resonse they would receive would be….”Hope you will be back soon to join us once again.”sincerely your CIC Board….

Answering questions…I always prefaced that I was in the same position as Ms Vik…hearing the accounts of this situation from others…having not been at the meeting myself….further adding¬† it was like hearing of a car accident…with many differing reports….only one constant….the Vice Mayor and the Times Editor/ CIC person of the year were yelling from the back.. and no one to a person thought they could do anything to stop them….

Asked about my reasons for leaving the CIC…I responded …it was going in a direction I did not agree with….

Asked if Jery McIntee was the instigator…I answered let’s put it this way he’s very vocal….we laughed at that…

Asked what I thought the problem is with the CIC….I explained…in my opinion…it’s “growing pains”….due to being in a new position…the majority….

Asked if I could think of any CIC members willing to talk to her….due to those she had contacted…who would not comment…I declined….

She did say she contacted the Chair…Crisitie Furth…who said she was on the way out the door and would get back to her… we shall see in today’s paper….

BCbythesea…is aware there was discussion among board members after a few were contacted….leaving it to the Chair……

A “no comment” from the CIC would just be the latest in the series of bad decisions from the current Executive Board….

But, they may have been “warned” by the Editor of the Times…as so many of us in the past….of the “consequences” faced if anyone talked to the Pelican…..

Now let’s see what the Pelican prints…. today….

more to come……

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