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Here’s The Scoop…I See A “Slap” Site In Your Future…


That town’s “oversite”…ala BCbythesea….HMMM…is there a “slap” site in their future?…

You gotta love it…their site started around the same time as mine…and with the Commission qualifying  to fill the vacated seat going on…they put forth their 2 cents…head-on when it came to  a certain candidate with a  history…worth making their readers aware…

They posted her past…and low and behold…the candidate pulled her name…yesterday!…

from the site….

Jan 2nd post….

‘What we do have a problem with is this:

Bett Willett, in no way, shape or form, should be selected by the remaining City Commissioners to fill the D4 seat vacated by disgraced former commissioner Steve Gonot.

The vast majority of Willett’s time in Deerfield Beach has been spent residing in District I.

She has been living in the western district for little more than a cup of coffee.

There are many qualified nominees that have tenures ranging from 12 up to 25 years living in the District. Individuals who understand the district, it’s people, it’s concerns and it’s problems.

Selecting Willett over any from that group should be considered a slap in the face by it’s citizens.

Pam Militello and Marty Popelsky need to pay heed. The residents of District IV have had enough of their partisan politics.

They’ve had enough of the Steve Gonot’s, Brad Chalker’s, Gerry Brown’s, Terry Rasmussen’s, Bett Willett’s, and a host of others of their ilk.

In a little more than 60 days the voters of District IV will have the opportunity to elect their own representative in this currently broken government.

Millitello and Popelsky, the remaining two of the original tortuous troika, need not saddle these residents with one of their patsies as a temporary proxy.

Even though the appointment will be short-lived, their selection will be a symbolic one.

We’ll be watching to see if they can put the best interests of the citizens of District IV above their own.

We’re not betting on it.’

Jan 7th post……….

‘Updating our January 1 posting, the field of candidates to fill the empty District IV commission seat has shrunk from nine to seven.

Steven Wagner, an attorney from Riverglen, and Bett Willett, the SOB Co-chair from Deer Creek, have removed their names from consideration.’


more to come….

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