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Here’s The Scoop…Commissioners Acting Badly…


Looks like the County Commissioners are off and running….getting down and dirty in the proverbial muck!…

Broward County Mayor Ritter and and Broward Commissioner Rodstrom are at each others throats with board assignments….on top of the seating fiasco…with who sits where…

BCbythesea….Here in LBTS…We had our own  “changing of the seats”…it was a clear message to…. “mess with the Mayor” early on to “show who’s boss”…” and keep her from having any professional help” at the start of her term……by putting the Town Attorney at the end of the dais…Remember that?….

‘Ritter, Rodstrom duke it out one more time

The war between Mayor Stacy Ritter and County Commissioner John Rodstrom continues.’

‘Rodstrom gets a new chair

Mayor Stacy Ritter booted Commissioner John Rodstrom to the other side of the dais Tuesday, completing a fight over the nine-member board’s seating arrangement that began last fall and left some hard feelings along the way.

The commission gave Ritter the power to re-assign seats before they went on their annual holiday recess last month. Ritter tried to re-arrange where each commissioner sits after she took over as mayor in November. Rodstrom balked at taking new seat and refused to move.’

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