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Here’s The Scoop…Calypso..Times Up In 2009…

IT’S 2009….TIME UP?…

Calypso application was made in 2001…issued in 2004…expires in 2009…will the economy do…what the Governor has not?…..yet….

3     1     SED      BROWARD      DEP     186699-002EI      CALYPSO NATURAL GAS PIPELINE      EI 03     40      AUG-20-2001      Issued      MAY-28-2004      MAY-28-2009      ALICE WEEKLEY      CALYPSO NATURAL GAS PIPELINE      BERGSTROM_J      Within the Atlantic Ocean, John U. Lloyd Beach State Park, the Port Everglades Turning Basin, and crossing several inland wetlands and water bodies all classified as class III Waters.     Latitude 26° 5m 28.37s,   Longitude 80° 6m 34.29s     Construct and operate a 24-inch natural gas pipeline and associated above ground facilities that extend 90 miles from a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import/export teminal proposed to be constructed near Freeport, Bahamas to a landing point in Fort Lauderdale through Port Everglades and ultimately terminating inland at FP&L property located in southeastern Broward.           Nearshore approach: Two sequential horizontal directional drills (HDD) and trenching.  Onshore pipeline construction: open-cut trenching methods, HDD, and jack and bore techniques.           Disturbance and removal of habitat, turbidity and sedimentation effects.     Coral reef communities.  See NCRI Report 24 August 2001 for details.     Coral reef communities.  Will directly impact 7.14 acres of marine communities and resources through disturbance and removal of habitat, turbidity, and sedimentation effects.     Sea turtles and manatees.  Seagrasses and other endangered species are not expected to be impacted, but mitigating factors are in place to minimize potential impacts.     In compliance with Manatee Conditions – Appendix B. In compliance with Sea Turtle Monitoring Plan  – Appendix C.  Lighting minimized through reduction, shielding, lowering and appropriate placement of lights to minimize illumination of the nesting beach and water.  To minimize potential impacts to seagrass and coral reef communities, all in-water and offshore vessel anchoring and other activites shall be restricted to transit corridors and shall be conducted in strict accordance with the “Vessel Anchoring Plan.”     Routing a portion of the pipeline, using a guided pipeline pull method through a gap in the third reef; traversing sandy habitats and areas of low relief hardbottoms; and by relocating corals and sponges of a required size out of the project impact area.  To offset the impacts to 6.76 acres of coral reef habitats and the habitat conversion of .38 acres of low relief livebottom covered with sand veneer, the company shall remove 229,126 tires from an artificial reef site created off the coast of Broward County.  The existing natural reef systems will be enhanced by removing the tires from on top of and adjacent to the reefs thus allowing natural restoration of the newly exposed reef face by recruitment of new coral species.  Water quality, turbidity, sedimentation, and HDD monitoring.  Side scan and ADCP Imaging.    See Tractebel-Calypso Natural Gas Pipeline Marine Mitigation Plan for details.  (Wasn’t included in copies made)

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