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Here’s The Scoop…Behind The Scenes For 4th of July…


Looks like Fort Lauderale got the fireworks on the barge…..and made a deal …but we didn’t “piggyback”…because the LBTS El Prado Fireworks was a “done deal” done under the radar…(Comm. Co-Chairs protestations of no Sunshine being violated)…with one company  brought in by Marc Furth and an “orchestrated” ruse of an “RFP” produced by the Town Administration to seemingly cover- up the non-bid choice of this “1 man (Furth) show”in bringing the 4th of July to the Town this year…(previous post)…

BC-Many  residents/businesses would have preferred a barge /pier fireworks show…and to forgo the afternoon “tourist” event..that does not bring anything to the Town…Actually Comm. Clottey was correct in her recent Freudian slip on the dais (4/20/09)…when she said the 4th event “put money into the COFFINS”…of the businesses…they concur!…

Excerpts from the Sentinel today….

‘Pyrotecnico of New Castle, Pa., will shoot off fireworks for a half hour, just like last year, according to the deal approved by commissioners.

Commissioners originally thought the show would cost $124,500, and feared that was unaffordable. But the city misunderstood Pyrotecnico’s bid, city officials explained Wednesday.

The fireworks will cost $53,500, and the barge used as a launch site is $31,500. In negotiations, the company agreed to slice the total by $5,000.’,0,2971266.story

While the fireworks bidding process is problematic for lack of bids…..the backup for the tents …again showed only 1 company…Tents n’ Events…(same for food…previous post)…A quick call to the provider for the recent Chamber Taste of the Beach Event…to compare prices does show that Marc Furth did extremely well in the cost of the tents/tables/chairs/fans/delivery/permit….the total price was $3732.50 …vs a 50×75 white top frame tent from Panache in a phone quote being $3750.00 alone…

In comparison to Tents n’Events….Panache Events prices on the 20×20 tent was -$20/banquet tables-$1 per / chairs +$0.40 per /fans +$10 per / Deliv. +$20/ permit not quoted…

The CIC will be having their general meeting on Mon. 4/27/09…and in keeping with  Mc-Furth CIC of the last year they have changed the rules…by forgoing mailings to allow for a more democratic open to the entire membership (dwindling as it is, we hear many still included on their member list have not sent in their dues and have no inclination to do so, while a large contingency of re-ups were made to keep abreast of the inside plans, the rest are VFD/and newbies from newbies)…and chose 9 members…some seemed to be reluctant in serving on their “new” board…Those remaining assure more of the same sad direction …with many board members having had enough…and one founderbeing tossed aside…long ago for wanting bylaws and democracy to be observed…no matter who is at the helm…


‘Since those nominated and willing to serve were just enough to fill the nine (9) Director seats, there is no need for a mail in ballot.  The LBTS Citizens Initiative Committee Board of Directors for the 2009-2010 year, subject to approval by the membership at the April 27th meeting, is as follows:

For Chair:           Bob Roberts
For Vice Chair:     Joe Couriel
For Treasurer:    Tom Carr (willing to serve if no one else would)
Carol Dickman (not present at meeting, later agreed to serve)
For Secretary:     None of those present at the meeting and nominated were willing to serve.  Later, Tom Carr said he would serve as Secretary.
For Director:        George Crossman
Cristie Furth
Maureen McIntee
Mary Ann Wardlaw
Renée O’Neal
Larry Wick was nominated, but later decided to withdraw.

Chair:               Bob Roberts   …… Board: George Crossman
Vice Chair:       Joe Couriel                       Cristie Furth
Treasurer:        Carol Dickman                 Maureen McIntee
Secretary:         Tom Carr                            Renée O’Neal
Asst. Secretary: Gail Albhon*                Mary Ann Wardlaw
* Gail was nominated for Secretary at the March 9th meeting, but declined to serve.  She later agreed to serve as Assistant Secretary -a non-voting Board position.

Please attend the meeting to participate in finalizing the election results and welcoming the new Board.  There will be planning for the CIC’s participation in the Town’s 4th of July celebration. ‘….

BC-A meeting about 4th of July with both Co-Chairs…and Comm. Clottey…in attendance?…They may leave the room…but before a posted meeting for all residents of the town…the CIC will be planning their co- participation per the 4/14/09  as stated in backup….YIKES!…

more to come….

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