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Here’s The Scoop….Another “Vote Of Confidence”….For Another Town Manager?….


BC- Looks like we are not alone with our current LBTS “in your pocket” type Town Manager/ Commissioner relationship….

While we are stuck for the next year with the McIntee-Colon version…Hallandale Beach …has an eerily familiar set-up…on their dais…Their Vice Mayor McIntee is Mayor Cooper….Their Town Manager Colon is…Town Manager Good…and their ” Contrarian” Commissioner Stuart Dodd is “Contrarian” Commissioner Keith London!….

Sentinel today…3/8/09…

excerpts ….(full text link below…..)

‘It’s a small city, but there’s big entertainment value in Hallandale Beach.

“Commissioner London, please move on,” an exasperated Cooper said as London rattled off questions about a proposed tax break worth up to $13.5 million for the new retail complex at Gulfstream Park.

London balked, noting Cooper’s lengthy editorializing after nearly every public speaker.

The more I watch and talk to Cooper, who has been mayor since 2003, the more she seems the second coming of Giulianti. She is high-strung, pushy on the dais, quick to take personal offense at everyone who doesn’t see things her way.

Among them: The city has done some questionable things in shadowy ways, and it’s time to take a hard look at how City Manager Mike Good and the Cooper-dominated commission operate.

“I have a contrarian commissioner that loves to spin,” Cooper said. “But in this case, he’s being really harmful.”

London says more harm comes from an administration that skirts the spirit, if not the letter, of open-government laws.

“We do things in the dark,” said London, a commissioner since November 2006.
Meeting minutes and an updated list of approved ordinances also don’t appear on the Internet.

The commission also likes to move from the main chambers and reconvene for so-called “working lunches” in a room that doesn’t have recording equipment. There, votes are sometimes taken on items that don’t appear on agendas.’

I have left three messages with Good over the past few weeks but haven’t heard back.

Seems like London the Contrarian has his work cut out for him.’,0,935009.column

BC- NEW BUSINESS Item f. Discussion and/or action regarding a vote of confidence on Town Manager’s work performance (Vice Mayor McIntee)

from previous posts…LBTS agenda/meetings category- 3/10/09….scoops category-Town Manager Performance Review-with examples of how it’s done elsewhere…/’She got the job… title…the car’…

The Town Manager’s 2007 contract included an annual Performance Review…it has never been done..and was unknown by this Commission to do it……never being privy to a copy of the contract…

The Vice Mayor wants to skip it…and give her a “blanket”….a “security blanket” ….”Vote of Confidence” in it’s place!….

From theĀ  April 2007 Town Manager contract…

15.0…. Performance Evaluation

15.1 The Commission shall review and evaluate the performance or the Employee at least annually in advance of the adoption of the annual operating budget. Said review and evaluation shall be in accordance with specific criteria developed jointly by Employer and Employee. Said criteria may be added to or deleted from as the Commission may from time determine, in consultation with the Employee. Further, the Commission shall provide an adequate opportunity for the Employee to discuss his/her evaluation of the Commission.

15.2 Annually, the Commission and the Employee shall define such goals and performance objectives that they determine necessary for the proper operation of the Town and in the attainment of the Commission policy objectives and shall further establish a relative priority among those various goals and objectives, said goals and objectives to be reduced to writing. They shall generally be attainable within time limitations as specified and annual operating and capital budgets and appropriations provided.

BC- It is up to the taxpayers…and the voters next March to decide…..the status quo…”in your pocket/ in your face style /scorched earth politics”….or time for accountability in our elected officials and our Town staff…….with reviews….and consequences…..

Will the Mayor of Hallandale Beach…… promote a “vote of Confidence” as well?……

As for the “Contrarians”….Commissioner Dodd….Commissioner London…..may be time for you two …. to do lunch!…

more to come…….

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