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Here’s The Scoop…An Open Letter To The “Master Of Ceremonies”…

Dear “Master Of Ceremonies” Commissioner Clottey,

I see the BTSTimes has sent out a “News Flash” for the Monday April 6,2009 Pavilion Ribbon Cutting Ceremony…

While I know you worked hard to bring forth the 35 minute entertainment with your role as the “conduit” between the Town and Lynn University, I also know that it was a matter of just a few weeks of your time.

I also know that with this experience you should fully understand this writer’s total disbelief and disappointment that as the “Master of Ceremonies” you have overlooked the inclusion in your program of Master Plan Steering Committee Vice-Chair Sandra Booth.

Mrs Booth was instrumental in bringing this project to LBTS, and her time spent in this process was much longer than the time you yourself spent as the end of this addition to our town was well within sight.

To haveĀ  A. I. studentĀ  Edwin Forbes and the A. I. Instructor Menish on the program without her is really too hard to comprehend.

I am counting on you to rectify this situation, to correct what can only be called a travesty, before the festivities begin. To assure her this was a mere oversight and give this fine citizen the respect,appreciation and recognition she so richly deserves on behalf of our town.

Though the program sent did not specify the officials and attendees, I would further hope an invitation was extended to the previous Town Commission and the previous Master Plan Steering Committee members as well, for this writer sat through the many hours of time they along with then-Chair Sandra Booth gave to make this pavilion project a reality.

Sincerely, Barbara Cole

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