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‘On a brighter note, our own members have initiated and worked successfully to pass the following:

* The 1998 Height Limit Charter Referendum (3 stories over 1st floor parking).’
‘Along with the 2004 LBTS Voters-Rights Amendment, one of the new ‘CIC’s greatest accomplish-

ments was the introduction by petition – and the passage, despite fierce campaigns by developers and pro-development commissioners, of a townwide 44 ft. height limit in 2006. This charter amendment will prevent our barrier island from overdevelopment, limit further congestion along A1A, and preserve the Town’s low-rise image. The amendment also includes a provision that takes residential rezoning out of the hands of the Commission and requires referendum votes on any rezoning whatsoever in residential areas.’
BCbythesea…question is how fast will this too be deleted from the defunct CIC website?….

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