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Here’s The Scoop…A Hero To Be Commended…While We Hear Grumbling In The Background…


from the BSO press report…


As he helped evacuate a medical building where there had been an explosion last week, Deputy John Melbourne noticed two people – an elderly woman and her 4-year-old grandson – lying inside a burning hyperbaric chamber. Instead of waiting for fire rescue personnel, Deputy Melbourne rushed into the burning chamber and lifted the boy, who was still holding his grandmother’s hand, from the flames.

For that brave act, Deputy Melbourne will receive a Medal of Honor Wednesday at the Broward Sheriff’s Office annual awards ceremony.

10 a.m.
Wednesday, May 6
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Amaturo Theater
221 SW 5th Ave., Fort Lauderdale

Other awards recipients include BSO employees who have excelled, good Samaritans who made daring rescues and individuals or organizations who partner with BSO to provide crucial services to the community.

Media are welcome to attend the ceremony. Contact BSO’s media relations office for a complete list of award winners’


We hear there is some major grumbling going around about the accolades bestowed upon BSO Deputy John Melbourne and his quick response when entering the scene in the aftermath of the hyperbaric explosion to rescue the little boy and bring him safely outside…The stories swirling  around are that VFD Chief Perkins was there also.. and the Chief was involved in the rescue…Sad to say…who was actually  first…is the scuttlebutt…making the rounds…at various meetings and within the departments……

According to a BSO Officer who was on scene…Deputy Melbourne was the first to go inside…The Deputy had years of bomb squad experience and was highly knowledgeable about explosives…..He entered the building… taking a face mask that was available inside and proceeded to extract the child who was atop the grandmother…Staff it is said made that retrieval possible by taking the steps required in opening up the chamber……The Chief and the VFD did arrive and did help with removing the grandmother…who came out after the boy….AMR  we are told was not allowed in immediately due to the fumes…and precautions requiring the proper gear needed to be in place before the fire department entered….The Officer went on to explain that the call was made by BSO that airlift service would be required for the two badly burned victims……and direction to assist the VFD in all aspects controlling the scene were also given to assist in the dire and overwhelming situation they all found themselves in…The condition of the boy and the grandmother was shocking to many who arrived to the call….The airlift, we are told took only the boy due to having trouble with the tracheal tube insertion of the grandmother, and BSO Air Rescue followed protocol by sending one of their Air Rescue personnel along with AMR for ground transport to Broward General….BSO worked side by side with AMR and the VFD, but from many observers it the account was the same…BSO was in charge…calling the shots….

As we await the incident reports ..(to be posted upon receipt)…all involved should congratulate themselves for a job well done…with a special nod to Deputy John Melbourne…..

more to come…

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