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The Pointu Resignation Letter…

‘Dear BOD, officers or members,

You hired me as administrator until September 30st to organize the department during the transition period that is ending today. I am not happy with the result, we’ve gone a long way, but I was expecting much more. Our SOPs are not ready, no written training goals or recurrent training requirement are in place., the required ICS training are not completed by our older members., the mandatory (by our contract and NFPA) medical exam is not in place, our by laws were not updated and the current ones are not followed, purchasing procedures are not enforced, decisions from the business meetings are not applied, etc….’

The Response From VFD Chief Perkins To The Town Manager…

‘1. SOPs Not Ready- Chief Perkins informed me that the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP ) undergo constant change and revision.’

BCbythesea…Pointu’s charge was correct…this writer now has the SOPs provided from the Town…posting later..

‘2. No written training goals or recurrent training requirements are in place-Chief Perkins informed me that training goals and recurring training requirements are currently in place.’

BCbythesea…the minutes below…concur with former Battalion Chief Pointu….

‘3. Required ICS training is not completed by older members-Chief Perkins informed me that ICS training for older members is currently in progress.’

BCbythesea…Chief Perkins’ response…”in progress” means the Pointu charges were correct…

‘4. Mandatory medical exam is not in place- Chief Perkins informed me that medical exams are currently occurring.’

BCbythesea…Chief Perkins’ response…”currently occurring”…means the Pointu charges were correct…see minutes below…Pointu’s medical exam statement…Sept. minutes…

‘5. By-laws not updated- Chief Perkins informed me the by-laws have been updated.’

BCbythesea …Chief Perkins’ responded to this writer…previous post the VFD is using the August 2004 By-laws…therefore…Pointu’s charges were correct…

‘6. Purchasing procedures are not enforced- Chief Perkins informed me that he oversees department purchasing.’

BCbythesea…check out the Sept/Oct VFD Meeting Minutes below…let the reader decide….

‘7. Decisions from business meetings are not applied- Chief Perkins informed me decisions are applied when applicable.’

BCbythesea…Chief Perkins’ response…HUH? Check the Sept./Oct VFD Meeting Minutes below…let the reader decide…

‘8. Lack of support, constant fights, threats, intimidations, insults, constant disregard for procedures,by-laws and chain of command with Jerry- Chief Perkins informed me that this was a personal issue between Training Officer, Jerry McIntee and Administrator Patrick Pointu. Chief Perkins stated that during the transition period Administrator Patrick Pointu wanted everything his way or no way, a position Chief Perkins did not support.’

BCbythesea…previous post on proper procedure for such charges, chain of command, and in the minutes, “Administrator” Pointu is addressed as Battalion Chief Pointu…again invoking Pointu’s proper authority over “Training Officer” McIntee….Sept./Oct. VFD Meeting Minutes…below…let the reader decide

‘9. Captain Fowler- Chief Perkins informed me there was a philosophical conflict relating to the training of the beach patrol members’….full response in #6 VFD…chain of command…post

BCbythesea…look ate #6 VFD chain of command post…Sept/ Oct. VFD Meeting Minutes…let the reader decide.

’10. Demonstration of battery operated extrication tools- Chief Perkins informed me he canceled this demonstration as it conflicted with drills taking place at the time.’

BCbythesea…Pointu says this reply by Chief Perkins is false…

THE VFD MEETING MINUTES….SEPTEMBER 8,2008…LAST POINTU MEETING……full text available by request to VFD…

Sept 8,2008 Monthly Meeting Minutes…7:10 pm

‘a quorum of voting members in attendance’

‘Officer Report

sick or disabled , none

Lt. Patterson- would like to see more officer training as she is a new officer; more training on elevator procedures in high rise, ladder on squirt, and safety glasses for ATVs. Mentioned $20 gym membership is not being deducted from her monthly check. Silverstone, working on it.

Safety Ofc. Conn-no one of the fire department has been hurt, only civilian on the beach, reports have been filed.

Sen. Training Ofc. McIntee- noted there will be a notebook in both ATV’s to record hours and daily activity. There is an emergency meeting called by the Town., BSO have not been upfront about dispatch. The next 2 drills will be high rise. Discussed SCBA, received a quote $1695- need to be compatible with Scos, new panther’s run$1600. Would like another meeting towards the end-of- the- month, perhaps as a barb-b-que to review communication and dispatch. All will be dispatched as one unit. Medic 12 (first aid) will be automatic respond, chief will have to determine how many will respond. Update- new building will be ready soon, still waiting for insurance on pool. Each ATV will have a notebook to sign in and keep record of all activity

Cpt. K. Padden- just returned from Mississippi and may go back. Would like to see some search-n-rescue drills to be more rounded.

Bat/Chief Pointu- Reminded everyone they need to complete all sign- in forms front and back for all drills and ATV’s. Announced there will be an elevator drill next month. Need to have another truck ready to reply to calls, only 2 trucks are fully equipped at this time. Raised the question, how do we want to pursue getting all 3 trucks ready, not enough money in the budget to equip third truck at this time, need fittings. Expressed would also like to see last two weeks of the month fully operational. Reiterated to all officers, please direct their crews to put equipment back on the truck at the end of all calls/drills. One repeater radio with 2 frequencies. SYMPIEX frequency (radio-to- radio) no repeater lose during a hurricane. New city radios have 4 channels program 2 channels on truck, (VHS emergency and bridge). Repeaters test siren? FF1 started 2 weeks ago, 9 attending.

Firefighter Prince- putting shore line on engine 212 12′-14′ ladder.

Two remotes for doors in bay, have no working safety.

Deputy Chief Padden- spoke to Jerry follow-up what Lt. Patterson requested that administration put all high rise contact information together. Padden told her she needs to make herself familiar with fire panels in high rise. Pointu responded that all pre-fire plan for commercial buildings have already been put into computer,printing the information would be very cumberson-too much paper, some buildings have multiply pages. Need 1 laptop in command car, and would like to also make it accessible for truck as well, again budget.

BSO-intergrading 1-2 years.

Fire Inspector for every fire alarm test, when fire alarm companies test, if they would advise when they are testing so the fire department could observe.

Also, recommended for new associates voted in to be brought up to par with hydrant & SBCA training be performed during station watch instead of burdening drill instructor at drills.

Chief Perkins- happy with what he sees, and the people that have committed themselves to the fire department.

Silverstone- Report on legal status, called attorney making an amendment to law suit to contractual issue only- filled the amendment papers, the BSO have until the 26th or court date to respond. Further discussion on the lawsuit was tabled to next month.

McIntee -motion to accept financial statement, Perkins 2nd, all I’d, Hopping, passed.

Old Business’

(Readers…please note Pointu …medical exam…below)

‘Pointu- State Medical Exam forms have been available at the office, no-one has picked them up. Decided reimbursement for medical exams would be $100 for in-town and up to $50 for Associates., must bring receipt. All in favor, Lt. Patterson opposed.’

(Readers…please note beach patrol below)

‘Chief Perkins- beach patrol going fine; taking groups out everyday. Every ATV will have a phone (kept in lockup) binocular, megaphone with emergency #’s & 3 ring binders for sign-in date & incidents.’

(creative accounting alert below)

‘Beach Patrol has only been budgeted for 20 paid hours a week. Personnel on ATV exceeding the 2 hours will be credited for station watch.

Chief Perkins -FF1 class incentives were re-evaluated, McIntee made a motion of paying $1000 for the completion and passing the FF1 exam, McGirr 2nd the motion, all in favor, Patterson opposed.

New Business’

(McIntee doling out the money)

‘Chief Perkins salary was discussed, McIntee made a motion starting Oct. 1st, Chief to receive $1000/month as administrative pay & call. Chief will be responsible for his own car & fuel. McGirr 2nd, all in favor’

BCbytheseaa…Chief salary was addressed again in Oct. meeting…and increased…

‘Open Booster position-McGirr motioned for Exec. Sec. C Louvaris, J Louvaris 2nd , all in favor’

BCbythe ea 3 members of the Louvaris family are in the VFD….

‘McIntee- made a motion starting Oct.1st Bat/Chief Pointu’s position shall receive a 20% pay increase and to be paid for calls, McGirr 2nd, all in favor.

McIntee made the offer starting Oct. 1st, the Executive Secretary position shall continue at the same salary; in addition to receive medical insurance and 12 paid personal days- Salary to be re-evaluated in 6 months. She accepted’

BCbyrthesea C. Louvaris is Exec. Secretary…she gets additional benefits in Oct.6 meeting…

‘Pointu- requested permission to order 3 key secure boxes (2 trucks & the command car) to secure the Knox master keys @ $625/ea. (box keys has pin code-download who uses it) all in favor.’

(Fasten your seat belts….especially VFD Booster supporters)

‘Silverstone made a motion for the authority (in lieu of an emergency meeting) for funds up to $ 50,000 shall be made available for purchase of new radios. K. Padden 2nd, all in favor. Another motion was made to move $25,000 from the booster acct into the operations acct until Oct. 1st, upon which said funds shall be returned, all in favor.’


VP position- J. Padden made a motion that Lt. Angeles be appointed until next election. I, Exec. Sec. C. Louvaris cast vote for Lt Angeles, all in favor

Election of a BOD member to be tabled to next month

Suspension of member xxxx until court date

BCbythesea…this member not on 11/08 roster…

Non-Compliant member; termination of xxxx & xxxx whom have already received warning letters the previous month. Conn made motion, McGirr 2nd, all in favor, Patterson opposed. Warning letters sent to members xxx,xxx,xxx,xxxx due to low attendance. McIntee made the motion, McGirr 2nd, all in favor.’

BCbythesea…only 1 with low attendance is on the 11/08 roster…

‘Pointu-announce station watch hours shall go to 24-40 hours come Oct.1st.’

(McIntee …alert…below)

‘New Member- 3 new regular applicants to be set-up for interview. McIntee asked if they would be allowed to start FF1 academy before they could be interviewed. Pointu said there was room/books.

Random drug test…xxxx & xxxx

Adjourned 9:05 pm’

The VFD MEETING MINUTES…OCT. 6,2008…AFTER POINTU’S RESIGNATION….full text available upon request from VFD…

‘Call to Order 7:05

a quorum of members was in attendance’

(BCbythesea…note does not say “voting” members quorum”)


Acting Lt. Pete long – not present

Lt. Michelle Patterson -Station needs clean-up during station watch. Trucks & gear should be clean & ready to roll. Check your air packs, valve caps need to be tight. Drivers/officers remind crew to keep them tight.

Safety Officer Mark Conn- no-one hurt, only equipment casualties. Short gun seat (officer) should help driver with right hand mirror.

Senior Training Officer Jerry McIntee- BSO asked if need mutual aid-didn’t need it. VFD was being observed over the 1st weekend, response time and everything looked good. Areas for improvement; watch how you are dressed getting off the truck & par tag usage. *Need to order par tags.

Acting Capt. Ron McGirr- Reiterated, keep trucks clean, take everything out. Everyone certified/non- certified did a good job. Someone on the truck needs to help block traffic when truck is being backed into bay, especially at night, safety issue.

Acting Capt. Judson Hopping- not present.

Capt. John Louvaris- reiterated mask, par tags, & sign-in which truck. Requested a drill to cover hand signals for drivers/officers.

Capt. Kevin Padden- not present.

Deputy Chief Joe Padden- Think safety, slow down, follow chain of command, be responsible, for your equipment, don’t need to take everything, make a mental check. Short power on trucks- make sure charging, plug in every radio, make sure it keeps solid green/red light. Officers in truck are responsible for collecting par tags. PORCHE guy didn’t fix 2 of the packs. Asked Mark Conn to research another company.- not happy with PORCHE personnel. Survive Air not compatible-Scot compatible.

McGirr- Drivers/Engineers don’t need bunker gear on trucks, or working on trucks. BDU acceptable on trucks. Need a helmet going into a fire scene. Need to wear seat belts, especially the officer.

Fire Chief Perkins- All firefighters coming off a truck must be in their bunker pants, no exceptions, including medical calls. Chief of command, no more freelancing on radio, no more mistakes.

Old Business

BCbythesea…note; no discussion on the Chamber…$5000 …Christmas-By -The Sea…McIntee offer…

Chief Perkins, have the keys, situation with box salt air couldn’t open it. Standpipe had chain couldn’t get to box. Cristelle Condo gave permission to use their ramps scheduled for Monday night drill.

BOD, Chief Perkins appointed Miko Angeles to BOD/VP’

BCbythesea…previous post…Chief Perkins bypassed the VFD By-laws of proper procedure for a member to be elected onto the board….

‘New Business;

Reimbursement of repair/cleaning of gear submitted by former member,. McIntee pointed out cheaper to pay $269.92 for gear to be up to standards than ordering new gear @ $2000. McIntee made a motion McGirr 2nd, all in favor, Patterson opposed, passed.

Payment of additional hours worked submitted by former member Patrick Pointu. Joe Padden, motioned the BOD meet with Pointu. Have him justify his hours, Silverstone 2nd, passed

BCbythesea…no mention of Pointu charges or resignation by VFD BOD or members…just questioning his hours…

Medical Call will remain @ $10. and fire call-$25.’

(Perkins salary increase …below)

‘Increase to Chief Perkins monthly salary to net $1000, passed all in favor, Conn opposed.

Length of time to hold checks not picked-up 90 days. Silverstone noted that the fire department was required by law to keep a record of payment for 7 years in a separate file; check can be voided for bookkeeping sake. Passed by all members.

Discussion on extending medical coverage to include spouse for Ex. Secretary Louvaris. It was decided in lieu of coverage a $4500/year increase would be offered. She accepted McIntee, noted that she was not under contract, and no overtime.

In-town 3 miles status to be determined from the fire station address when goggled. Not the furthest point;in towns best interest.’

(McIntee Alert…to VFD Booster donors)…

‘McIntee made a motion to post a full page ad in the “By-The-Times” to recruit new members and public relations; ad fee $550/to run several months out of the Booster fund. All agreed, passed.

McIntee made a motion to make Eric Smith the master mechanic, every weekend to be paid 4 tech hours @ $15/hr for general maintenance on trucks. All other mechanical work would go out to J & G first, then to Sal’s. All agreed, passed.’

(OVER SITE…below)

‘Discussion on whether or not to impose an over site committee ( Mayor Minnet). VFD is under contract with Town/Commissioners. Our books are open, our meetings are open, our drills are open. Over 1,000 people/voters- free, at no cost to the town. Request denied, all in favor , passed.


Low drill attendance…warning letters sent to…9 members…

Bcbythesea…4 not on 11/08 roster…

Non- compliant member;….1 terminated..(to notify State Fire Marshall)

New Members…6

BCbythesea…4 on 11/08 roster….

Random drug test on 2 members..

BCbythesea…1 not on 11/08 roster…

no time of adjournment…

all information above is pubic information…and in this writer’s opinion shows a VFD that was brought into question by former Battalion Chief Pointu for the VFD to fulfill the requirements per the contract with the Town…the VFD By-laws…SOPs .

He seems to be the only one involved who took the requirements and his position seriously.

The duty to see that we are properly protected is now in the hands of the Commission and the Town.

This subject is once again on the agenda for Monday night with a call into an investigation into the Pointu charges by the Mayor for either outside counsel or the Town Attorney…

A request has been made for the Nov. VFD Meeting Minutes…we will see if the request is honored…

The follow-up request previously posted asking about salary, expenditures…was not responded to…contained in these minutes …are some of the answers…

more to come…

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