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Here’s The Scoop…6/9/09…LBTS…Commisson Meeting…#3… Make Mine An Escalade!…


Dear Readers ….Item 7 Public Safety Discussion brought forward VFD Chief Perkins who had something to bring up…That in itself was a first for him at a Commission meeting…”For a while now we’ve been talking about buying a new commander car for the fire department. Ah, we kept holding off and holding off (all 8 months since they took over) but, ah, we’ve had a few problems with the car. We decided, we had a meeting, ah, at our monthly meeting we decided, we took a vote, we decided ah, to reach out and try to buy a new command car. Um, we sent Esther a ah, e-mail today asking her if we could go through the bid process buying a car and um, we’ll just wait for her response. But, that’s, we plan on buying a new command car for the fire department. That’s all I have.

BC- He contacted the Town Manager on the same day as he was able to present it to the commission? HMMM….It gets better…read on….

Town Manager- “The reason I had Chief Perkins um, inform us publicly of what he’s doing. He has asked for my assistance if we can help him find a command car via the Florida Sheriff’s Association. It’s  piggy back prices that they give if you buy thousands of vehicles. So I would be able to get um, a good price. I told him I would assist him as long as the commission knew that he would pay, the VFD will pay 100% for that command vehicle. Although we would provide the assistance in purchasing it for him, the VFD.”

BC- Where to begin…How about the fact that we are a two and a half mile long town…and this is a volunteer fire dept. …When they went to buy the firetrucks…they bought USED firetrucks!…They did not even buy the right firetruck…(a ladder firetruck that would have made a difference in our rating)…Now they want to purchase a NEW command car for Vice Mayor/ Deputy Chief McIntee!…NEW!…This writer thinks the Future paper should start a new “on the record” breakdown of toys purchased by the VFD…due to the laundry list of purchases we have seen  each and every month since Oct. 1st, 2008……

We heard that not too long ago the VFD spent around $1000 to purchase a different light bar for the car that will now be replaced…due to the lights not suiting the “I don’t get any money whatsoever for doing anything for the fire department, I get zero” McIntee …(just toys and power and it is said,  use of the VFD credit card…Booster funds and the defunct building fund bucks)….

We also hear that despite long ago when the dais…(Comm. Clottey )…made it clear that residents should not have to pay for public records staff time..the administration is doing just that!…We hear a resident who received copies of the finance reports was charged staff time along with the charge for each page…And the resident who revealed the garbage contract fiasco that was finally resolved (thanks to Choice Environmental …public comments…posting soon)…was charged 15 cents a page for the first request and an increased rate for the second request…Along with other such charges being made to residents and businesses…the VFD should be charged staff time to purchase the car…Better yet let the VFD once again find their own vehicle…USED!….Because the Town Manager in stating the VFD will be paying 100%…is really saying the taxpayers are paying 100%  for it……and if the VFD comes back yet again to say (as they did with the firetruck, Sea Doo) that the VFD members dug deep in their pockets to make sure the taxpayers paid nothing…they are making way too much!…(Budget cut?)…

The Mayor had some questions about the command vehicles…wanting to know if he (Perkins) used it for personal use and if they’re taken out of town, were they allowed for any use?..

Chief Perkins- ” Um, no you’re not. I use my own vehicle for the Chief’s car. I use my own vehicle. The command car is used for the Deputy Chief  (McIntee) or whoever is, is in need of the command car. Ah, they do errands, logistics ah, BJs (the VM/Dep. Chief reg. daily routine run). We run and pick things up.  If it’s fire related you’re allowed to take the car.”

Mayor- “As long as it’s fire related?”

Chief Perkins- ” Yes Ma’am, and I have to be notified if you’re taking the car out of town. Nobody leaves this town without me knowing about it.”

BC- We hear this is not quite the case…Read on folks…

Vice Mayor/ Deputy Chief (new command car recipient) – “Ah, the Mayor saw I had a meeting the other at ah, Plantation. Is that where we were Mayor, Plantation? (Mayor replied Weston) Weston and I drove the command car out there. On the way out to that command car,or on the way out to the incident, the meeting ( a little confused…Dr. Manatee?) there was a major incident on the beach and I actually directed it on the radio in the command car ( He did what!) But after I went to the city meeting I went to logisitics and picked up 15 gallons of foam that we had to replace the foam we used for the bees. (So the VFD used 15 gallons of foam on the dispatch bees calls [2 days] training  ) The Chief knew I was leaving town, going to the meeting. The Chief knew I was going to logistics to pick up equipment, which is all the way downtown on Broward Boulevard and I don’t get any money whatsoever for doing anything with the fire department, I get zero. It’s all my personal time. So if I go downtown and it’s an hour to run to logistics and back that’s my personal time. Or if I go to BJs or I go anywhere it’s my personal time. ”

BC- This is the same VM/ Dep. Chief that sent a letter to the Fl. Ethics Comm. saying he had nothing to do with purchasing…Granted foam and BJs is nothing compared to his purchasing a canopy for the firetrucks……repairs on the ATV…and as he said on the dais… he was involved with the purchase of the two firetrucks…and proud of it!…HMMM…

VM/DC McIntee- “Now if I, when I leave this vehicle, this vehicle leaves the town, the Chief knows about it, and it’s been a standard policy that we have a very close watch because we know there’s people, like to make waves and create problems where there really isn’t any. But if the Mayor was wondering whether I went to logistics that day, we have the receipt showing I purchased 3-5 gallon containers of foam that afternoon right after that meeting. So that might clarify that for you.”

Mayor – “Chief Perkins I’ll thank you for that clarification.”

BC- Mayor please put in a request for that purchase receipt!…

BC- The same voters who were up in arms with the purchase of the Public Safety Complex should be up in arms with purchasing the VM/Dep Chief a new command car!…When will it stop?…We will still be paying the same $130 fire assessment…and the VFD will get a 4% raise…for 60-65 members in a two and a half mile town…who use medical calls for training…The Public Safety Complex is still not occupied by the BSO…The trailer is still in place (the primary reason for this $2 million dollar purchase…Minto will possibly have a trailer by the beach for many years to come……The warehouse is still unsold……What’s wrong with this picture?..

Vice Mayor/ Deputy Chief McIntee might as well ask for brand spankin’ new… Cadillac Escalade…fully loaded…why not?..The VFD Board and members it is said, is being directed by this de-facto Chief himself……..The Chief of the “2-Hats”…The Chief of the “Gang of 3″…The Chief of the Town Manager…….and in this Chief’s world …all two and a half miles of it….the sky’s the limit!…

It’s good to be THE Chief…..

Only thing left to ponder…will it be a hybrid?……..

more to come….CHA-CHING!….

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