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Here’s The Scoop..6/23/09 LBTS Commission Meeting…#1…Doing It Backwards…


Dear Readers …Due to the rain…the lack of recording on my Comcast box for the specifics upon review…posting will be “backwards”..with the roundup customarily posted last will be first…posts with the details to follow…


The meeting began a few minutes late…due to the rain…down to 4 ….Commissioner Dodd was absent as he stated he would be at the June 9th meeting…and we found that without 5 on the dais….the voting system does not work…so ROLL CALL….was the name of the game this evening….


3.    INVOCATION – Reverend George Hunsaker
Rev Hunsaker was not not present, known to the dais ahead of time…and the Mayor prepared, said the invocation…..She spoke of the “vision to see what is possible”… full text to be posted…


Speaker # 9….

Edmund Malkoon
“I come before you in a different light. Those of you who know me, know that I am a calm individual who usually speaks about civic issues and not the politics of our community. Some may be upset over my comments, however it is my right to express my opinions. Like them or not.
I am here because I care deeply about our town. I am a lifelong resident of Bel-Air, 34 years.  I didn’t just become involved after annexation; I grew up and spent my childhood here.
What I see now Is constant bickering and lack of respect for fellow citizens. It is has reached a point where, even I, have become disgusted. I am here to say ENOUGH!
I was recently approached and told that certain individuals were upset that my mother and I volunteered for the Fourth. We decided out of civicness and not politics. My mother’s Grandchildren (my nephews and niece) come to the town to participate in the many events we have. Since we enjoy these events we feel we should also give back. Let me remind you, this is first and foremost a town event.
I do have to express personal dissatisfaction with the lack of public notice and citizen input ….even I was never told of volunteer meetings, now 3. A simple email or call, with the proper notice would have sufficed.
The source of the problem stems with how the  committee was formed. Instead of having a board appointed from various civic groups..and citizens, it was formed of commissioners and members of a single political organization. When this occurred the event became polarized. This makes some feel it was done on purpose to exclude this groups perceived opponents.  Watching this, the town administration, (who should be impartial to all) should have taken over or exerted much more authority.
I will refuse to succumb to any political pressure to stop me from doing my civic duty. I am not disillusioned to the fact we have issues, and that the rivers of discord run deep. I understand and sympathize with the feelings and the plight of our great local businesses. I am a proud and a very supportive member of the chamber. The fact is the business community feels threatened. If members of the dais truly feel this notion is wrong…why don’t you seek dialogue instead of continually making arbitrary decisions which are negatively perceived? In these times the town should be giving incentives rather than restrictions. If you truly support the businesses and care…prove it!
I am for a united, Strong , and a happy LBTS. I know in the near future this will occur. There are citizens out there who are sick and tired of what is going on. I encourage all to stop sitting on the sidelines, observing, hoping for change…Get involved, come to these your opinions.. May the town be the “middle”, the unifying force. Only then will change become a reality. And only then will all the citizens feel welcome in their own town.
Thank you!”

BC- Mr. Malkoon’s words were very specific…he explained his personal beliefs and his reasons for volunteering…but he also made it clear he had issues with the way the July 4th event has been handled from the joint sponsorship to the posting and the lack of notification for the public meetings thus far… He went on to describe the sentiments of the many with the discord seen stemming from the restrictions imposed rather than the incentives offered to local businesses…and imploring those who feel as he does not to sit on the sidelines but to be involved in the change…Unfortunately, he was the recipient of some major flawed interpretations of his public comments coming from the “2-Hats” during Commissioner Comments…As one well-known official in town told this writer recently…”He’s [McIntee] the best at sitting on the dais and saying somebody said something when that person is either not there or cannot answer back”……

Full comments to be posted…


a.    Finance and Budget Monthly Report – May 2009 (Manager Colon)

BC- No discussion ….Report passes 4-0…

b.    Development Services Monthly Report – May 2009 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- The Mayor asked about vacant homes…(previous post…after article in news per PIO Steve d’Oliveira)…Assist. TM Olinzock said we have maybe 5 homes that required code enforcement to send citations…but we’re in “great shape”…and the Vice Mayor asked Olinzock to provide them with a report of the number of vacant properties and violations…after reconfirming the town requires these properties to be seeded or sodded…Report passes 4-0

OF NOTE…a resident came in late…raised his hand and asked to speak..the Mayor recognized him and asked the commission if they wanted to allow him the time…Comm. Silverstone felt that due to the bad weather they should comply…there was  agreement from the dais and the Mayor asked him to come forward…He lives on pine Ave. and was upset that Waste Management had taken their trash containers but the Choice containers were not delivered as of this evening…He said he called Town Hall and said that he felt the new company was off to a bad start…

c.    Municipal Services Monthly Report – May 2009 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Assist. TM Olinzock came to the podium to explain they were delayed due to the weather but would be received before the next scheduled trash pickup from Waste Management who would use the Choice containers until the official changeover on July 1st…He added after questioned by the Mayor that the switchover was included in the Town Topics and on Channel 78…Commissioner Clottey acknowledged the new containers being delivered elsewhere in town…adding that she “received phone calls” from people unhappy the containers were blue and not black…HUH?….The audience around this writer all shook their heads and said what’s wrong with blue?…Comm. Clottey said she wanted black…and the TM said the choice of color was up to Choice …who had blue already…but she [TM] would talk to them….No other commissioners spoke of phone calls…Keep the blue!…Report passes 4-0

d.    BSO Police Monthly Report – May 2009 (Chief Gooding)

BC- The Vice Mayor asked Chief Gooding about the red light citations study…Chief Gooding said it was in the backup, but the VM wanted it to be addressed for the public…The results off season were approx. 28 for A1A and Commervial Blvd….and only 4 for Seagrape Drive and Comm. Blvd….( So low a count for Seagrape that the Chief did a count himself to verify it, and found it to be accurate)…He added it should be done again when the police are not seen by the drivers and also done in season…If the Town wants to pursue the red light cameras…the companies will also do a study…right now the Chief was not too excited to go forward, but it was up to the commission.Report passes 4-0

e.    VFD Fire Monthly Report – May 2009 (Chief Perkins)

Bc- No discussion…Report passes 4-0

f.    AMR EMS Monthly Report – May 2009 (Operations Manager Liddle)

BC- No discussion….Report passes 4-0/ Brooke Liddle said we should be seeing the first CPR class by AMR for the community perhaps on July 25, 2009…Details to come…He also spoke of meeting with the Chamber …AMR’s plans to join the Chamber…and future joint efforts to get AMR information out for programs etc…NICE!…



a.    Notification of a Code Compliance Lien to be recorded.  Magistrates Order is included

BC- The TM spoke of code compliance …notification…and the Special magistrate….all such future items will be on the monthly Development Services reports…

b.    Notification of change of set-up date for July 4, 2009 Town sponsored event from 7/3/2009 to 7/1/2009

BC- the Manager spoke of an earlier setup for fencing …The Vice mayor sat forward …but his first comment was not on the event…it was to inform all that the VFD Chief left the hall for a ire call to “post #12” on the beach…to let us know they are working…(meaning the caller could say their location)….Comm. Silverstone added the early setup was for the tent and chairs (chairs?…out 3 days early?)…and added that 2 employees were coming from Broward County to monitor the beach…(prev. post…a contract was submitted by Marc Furth to Town)…Vice Mayor McIntee said (not listening to his BFF) “Also people representing the turtles. So the turtles are in good shape.”….


a.    May 27, 2009 Regular Meeting Minutes (Continued from May 26, 2009)

b.    June 9, 2009 Budget Workshop Minutes

c.    June 9, 2009 Special Meeting Minutes

BC- all 3 “minutes” were passed together …. 4-0


1.    Ordinances 1st Reading – “Public Comments”

2.    Ordinances 2nd Reading – “PUBLIC HEARING”

BC- The Town Atty. read the Ord….no public comment…a motion was made to accept…but the Town Atty. wanted to acknowledge a few changes after hearing from AT&T…having to do with deleted text..and changing approval by the Town Mgr. prior to an emergency…to say TM will be notified with notice within 24 hrs after …The TM wanted it to be Town Manager or designee…It was passed with the changes …4-0


BC- will post later…


a.    Commission approval of Special Event Permit Application for LBTS Chamber of Commerce “Christmas in July”, Friday July 10, 2009, 6:00PM till 8:00PM (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- No discussion…Dave Gadsby is looking for snow machine…passes 4-0

13.    RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”


BC- This was a real hoot!…The Resolution was read by the Town Atty….Readers will recall that Comm. Dodd was instrumental in taking fees out of Ordinances so they could be changed without going through the involved ordinance change process to change the fees…No public comments…Comm. Clottey asked about it and specifically that it was the establishment of fees only…having no bearing on the vacation rental terms…The Mayor said it needed to be in place to do the 2nd reading of the Ordinance…the Vice Mayor really got it all wrong…when he said he could not support this because that would mean he supports the week rentals…and he does not…(Poor Edmund Malkoon…the VM used him as an example of not supporting the 7 days)…Comm. Silverstone was right…when he spoke of changing his mind after listening to the Town Atty. and her legal opinion of leaving the town open for lawsuits…adding he informed the Town manager that he  [Silverstone] wanted to know if the BSO ran into problem…which would lead to the Ord being amended…Comm. Clottey asked the Town Atty. to respond to the VM…The Town Atty. said we already have rentals on the books and if there was no resolution on the fees we would have a fee of 0….the VM said “If we don’t support this then the Ordinance is wallpaper.”…..A vote was taken Clottey/McIntee voted no…Silverstone/Mayor…voted yes…fails with a “draw”…The Town Manager chimed in to ask the Town Atty.  with the failure of the resolution could they follow their process without those fees…more discussion of now having no fees for rentals…Comm. Clottey woke up and wanted to change her vote..The Town Atty. said she could not…she was not on the prevailing side…The VM asked how there could be a prevailing side with a draw?…The TA said with Robert’s Rules she the affirmative side could move for reconsideration…Comm. Sillverstone made that motion…Comm. Clottey 2nd it…passed 3-1 (McIntee dissented)…the a vote was taken and this time the resolution passed 3-1 (McIntee dissenting)…



a.    Commission approval of amendment to existing agreement with Enforcement Technology, Inc. for Processing Parking Citations – $2,100.00 (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock) This item was deferred at the April 29, 2009 Commission meeting by Commissioner Dodd (Staff requesting deferment to the July 14, 2009 Commission meeting)

BC- This item was deferred at the start of the meeting until July 14,2009

b.    Commission direction on design of El Mar Drive improvements (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- will post later…deferred to a combination workshop with MPSC…date to be decided July 14,2009…

c.    Discussion and/or action for improvements to public safety bldg. – 1st floor – Police Dept. – Approval of $10,000. O’Campo & Associates for professional services pertaining to the police facility improvement project (Manager Colon)

BC- will post later…after much discussion passes 4-0 for $10,000 for plans for the bare minimum…sad to say….There is a long way to go on this one… ……to make it right and fair…


a.    Commission approval of a reduction Right-Of-Way Permit Performance Bond for the Villas by the Sea development, as requested by Minto Communities LLC (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- will post later…but the VM looked like he was a combination of pro-development for Minto…and bending over backwards for the company that the night before his BFF Marc Furth said was giving the July 4th committee a “sizable donation”…as he played “dealer” offering dollar amts…of half of the orig. $800,000 bond amt..and then $ 100,000 bond and offering them to keep the white smaller sidewalks until they came back to develop their last 2 properties…(in 2+ years or longer)…No matter that the Rep. for Minto repeatedly said if they kept the $800,000 that Minto would go ahead and install the remaining pink sidewalks and replace them whenever they do develop because it will still be cheaper ARGHHH…deferred until July 14,2009 when the VM said the Rep. needed to come back with a date certain for completion of the sidewalks for the Town Manager…

b.    Commission approval of an application request for a ninety (90) day extension to complete the construction of a single-family residence located at 4 Sunset Lane.  Backup is included (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- Comm. Silverstone asked Assist. TM Olinzock if he was for this extension…Olinzock said it was for the commission to decide…There was no 2nd…the Mayor handed the gavel to the VM (again inept with the gavel)…the vote was taken and it passed 4-0…Why no 2nd?…YIKES!…

c.    Commission approval of an application request for a ninety (90) day extension to complete the construction of two Town Homes located at 4432-4438 Bougainvilla Drive.  Backup is included (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

BC- same as the above…A rep came forward…the Vice Mayor asked a question about where they were in the process…(it is right by the VFD)…and then added he knew the building (so why the question?) and said the VFD had done drills there…passes 4-0…

d.    Florida League of Cities – designation of official to be voting delegate (Town Manager Colon)

BC- this was a combo with item 16 F…explained by the Town manger…the Mayor offered to be the Rep….Comm Clottey (while sporting a new “bobbed”  hairdo,still sported the same old a tone deaf response) nominated Comm. Silverstone! OUCH!…He was “Pacifically” for it…and of course his BFF VM was the 2nd…all 5 commissioners are covered with Town funds to attend…passes 4-0

e.    Discussion and/or action to change the September 8th Commission Meeting to another day (Mayor Minnet)

BC- This one went back and forth…with Comm. Clottey wanting to change a budget meeting …but was again informed by the Mayor you cannot change a budget meeting…and with Comm. Dodd not there…it deferred for a decision…if any to July 14.2009…passes 4-0

f.    Discussion and/or action to send representatives to the Florida League of Cities 83rd Annual Conference August 13-15, 2009, Orlando, Florida (Mayor Minnet)

Bc- see above item…d….

g.    Reconsideration of FWC application for parking permits at the beach (Commissioner Dodd)

Bc- This was deferred to July 14,2009 at the beginning of the meeting…..It was stated in the request from Comm. Dodd when submitted to the Town Clerk…

h.    Selection of a Pioneer for the 37th Annual Broward County Pioneer Day recognition ceremony (Mayor Minnet)

Bc- a new idea from the Mayor…and “if possible” they were looking for someone around in the 1940’s…The Mayor made 4 suggestions…the VM said “they want old people”….”senior, senoir citizens”…Comm. Silverstone said one of the Mayor’s choices fit the bill…and Comm. Clottey ( again off the wall) said this “opened up a can of worms”…would “hurt some people’s feelings”…HUH?…it was deferred until July 14,2009…passes 4-0

i.    Discussion and/or action 1 stop sign north and south bound El Mar Drive at park (Vice Mayor McIntee)

BC- The VM brought up the 4 stop signs now replaces with stop only if pedestrian walking signs…(prev. post)…discussion on going to 2…the Town Manager said Broward County makes the decision…will be coming the next day…for the 3rd time…she will inform them of the commission’s direction…and it will be up to them…Funny was the VM speaking of people “flying down El Mar”…and the audience said that would be him!…OOPS!…

j.    Discussion and/or action on newspaper boxes in Town (Vice Mayor McIntee)

BC- Turns out not to be for the Mc-Furth Times…(unless it was a “gotcha” or a “U-turn” move) as the VM called Assist. Olinzock up to complain about the newsstands needing some spiffing up…(WHERE?)….This writer spoke to address the extra newsstands around town…(in front of the Blue Seas and in front of Ham N’ Eggs) previously brought up but never dealt with…unfortunately the VM cut me off saying it was off topic…I replied “newsstands are newsstands”…no reply…

k.    Discussion and/or action to postpone the installation date for those residents affected by the required hookup to the new sewer lines.  Set a new hookup date (Commissioner Silverstone)

BC- Comm. Silverstone spoke of the date for allowable time to hook up being maxed out…adding that when a resident contacts a commissioner it is their job to get a resolution…(prev. post on why him?)…


Bc- The Town Atty. spoke on the Town of Westin and challenge  legislation…per Comm. Clottey…The TA said she provided the info to the commission a week prior…but it was not included in the backup…why not?…Vice Mayor McIntee said “we don’t have a dog in this fight”…and did not want to use the taxpayer’s money for it…Comm. Clottey said it was for discussion only…The Town Atty. also said (ominously) she would be bringing proposals in … “things they[her firm] learned over time”…to “write into the codes”…”little tricks that prevent you [Town] against challenges”…HMMM….


BC- The meeting was over at 9:30…with no break taken…Many in the hall felt it would be fodder for those who feel Comm. Dodd “badgers” the Manager and asks too much from staff and has too many questions at the monthly  reports…But the same group in discussing this. likely scenario commented on how  shocking it was to see how unprepared the dais was this evening with the backup material..sans Comm. Dodd!…

more to come….

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