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Here’s The Scoop…4/14/09 Commission Meeting…#4….Commmisioner Comments


Commissioner Dodd…”I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff for some of the things I have asked or suggested and staff have acted upon it. Unfortunately staff did not choose or were asked not to notify me so you can take this as a special thanks for doing what is asked but not telling anyone it has been done.  Firstly – thanks for putting the back-up material on the computer – It was done before the previous meeting but has remained a closely guarded secret.  It is there for all to see what we as commissioners receive every meeting. You no longer have to file a public information request form and bother town hall staff. From the comfort of your very own terminal you can read or print the back-up for the next meeting.
Secondly I would like to thank staff for curing a problem they didn’t even know existed. The town hall car park is now much emptier now that staff has been asked to move their cars to employee spaces.  The problem has been cured that according to a memo I received –  staff didn’t know existed!.  Thank you for solving this non-existent problem.  The car park is now much emptier and available for people on official town business.
I want to thank staff for setting up the FPL presentation.  If it was as a direct result of asking whether anyone had thought of asking the bulb manufacturers if they could put a shield on the bulb rather than a shield on the fixture then please accept my thanks.  We have another presentation at the meeting on the 28th that might shed some more light on the problem – please excuse the bad pun –intended .  Occasionally we as newly elected commissioners forget staff have been dealing with the problem for several years and we come along with new ideas. I can appreciate the frustration but please bear with us as new commissioners as we are still enthusiastic we can find an answer.  Thank you staff for updating us so we can take an informed decision rather than remain in the “dark”.
Thank you for putting the round table on the town’s web site under the video – I find it very valuable to be able to review what was said and what the question was.  Thank- you to the staff involved.
In order to thank staff in future it would however be easier to receive a notification that an issue has been resolved or the town can ask for a presentation rather than find the answers by osmosis or by the actions of the staff.  Thanks to staff anyway since I’m accused that nothing staff can do will ever be good enough for you “Commissioner Dodd”.”  He also spoke about Hollywood beach parking – $150.00  per year ….

Vice Mayor McIntee…Lately this writer has written up the Vice Mayor’s comments verbatim…but this week…I don’t have the stomach for it…He began by thanking Comm. Clottey who “really got her hands dirty”..and the large contingent of VFD who helped with the 5000 eggs…In a true “The jury will disregard that statement” the VM decided to divulge a situation happening at the Mayor’s condo…with a possible recall of Condo Board members …deciding in his warped mind it was appropriate to bring it up several times in order to declare he had no role in it!…He then did his customary cheerleading for “his troops”…the staff…and made yet again the disturbing remark he has made before when wanting to thank THEM…”look in the mirror and say thank you” (Again, who does he see when he looks in the mirror”…YIKES!)….then went on to speak about the other “troops” VFD and the remarks made about them…before thanking Dave Gadsby among others…

Mayor Minnet……The Mayor spoke of the busy week with all the Easter activities…the non-emergency BSO # 954-765-4321….Clarifying an incorrect article in the Mc-Furth Times…about letting people repetitively come up to speak…saying it was approved by the whole Commission at a workshop…She spoke of the N.Y. Times online article about the Pier, Athena and LaSpadas (previous post scoops, news categories) repeated that April 25th was Lighthouse Day…and spoke about Congressman Klein having a representative come to Jarvis Hall May 14th, June 11th, and July 9th from 9am-noon…The April 9th meeting was not well attended…She also spoke of her disappointment with the last round table meeting…Her full comments will be on her site shortly...

Commissioner Clottey…Thanked all that worked on the activities ..the pavilion…saying it is beautiful… adding it was good there were no bathrooms…speaking of the ribbon cutting…thanking Town staff who went the “extra mile” (The programs were on the table this night in Jarvis Hall  …But not at the event)..She spoke of Easter-By-The-Sea with over 1000 people came…and the volunteers from all over town CIC and VFD …Mark Conn as the Easter bunny …the  co- event chairs…the Town photographer…and Marilyn Carr for designing  the new banners…

BC- No vote  was taken on her design and what about the approx. $12 thousand spent on the new banners last year…Are these to replace those as reported in the Pelican last week?…OUCH!

Comm. Clottey ….and again asked restaurant owners to discuss the acceptable sound levels…(the acceptable sound level is to drop the ordinance)…She ended with wishing those going north for the summer safe journey…and that “they” will “hold down the fort”…again OUCH!…if tonight was how it will be held down while they are away….

Commissioner Silverstone…Just look at any old Commissioner comments from “Jimmy”…He will ignore the “attacks” ..He will NOT ignore the “attacks”…He will talk of the divisiveness in town…Who counts…Who doesn’t count…Who volunteers and who does not…..His comments are the same…That’s what comes from admitting he comes to the dais with an “open mind”…no written preparation…so proudly admitted….(Only 18 comments til he’s gone?)

HMMM…He went after Comm. Dodd for not helping pick up chairs after Easter Sunrise Services…What “Jimmy” didn’t say…Comm. Dodd did not attend the event……and was in town with his dog!..

BC- I really think volunteering your time…comes in many forms…besides the CIC and the VFD…such as helping your constituents and doing good without announcing what you have done…… Speaking about the many hours…just how many hours have you and your BFF-July 4th Co-Chair  spent on the 4th planning?….

Comm. Silverstone went on with the usual “personal attacks”…ad nauseum…Oh yeah, he added that it was HE who wanted backup on the Town site…and he did…BUT when he was told it was too expensive.. he gave up!…This writer knows because I was the one who asked him again…after the last election…Comm. Dodd did not give up…and this time it was finally put on at no cost easily by the Town!…Imagine that!

more to come….

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